GlassesUSA Helps Customers During the Economic Crisis

Released on: February 23, 2009, 11:34 pm
Author: Hillary R.
Industry: Healthcare

As the economy slips from bad to worse, many Americans put major purchases on the back-burner and hold off on massive investments until a sale arises.

As the economy slips from bad to worse, many Americans put major purchases on the back-burner and hold off on massive investments until a sale arises.

Unfortunately, health care has become one of the major investments that Americans do not want to sink their money into. GlassesUSA is aiding people all across the United States during the latest economic crisis by making eyeglasses affordable as vision care has generally be regarded as a luxury - even in times of economic prosperity.

GlassesUSA is hoping to change the world of vision care and eyeglasses by providing customers with "quality eyeglasses at affordable prices" and with the best possible customer service. The cooperative group has turned into an organization committed to philanthropy and education.

It is always reaching out to its customers with new and innovative ways to save money.

Across America, most optical stores mark up their eyeglasses from 300% to 3000%. A pair of eyeglasses that would cost about $15 (US) to make can cost upwards toward $350-$400 (US).

Many chain stores that sell eyeglasses will contest this amount but insiders in the optical industry agree that a 400% mark up is indeed the correct number. Normal markup is 50-75% to cover the costs of the frame, some overhead, and a set percentage for profit. However, designer frames - which are generally the most sought-after - cause a massive jump in cost creating a domino effect that makes no name brands more expensive.

The cost of prescription eyeglasses does not always include the cost of the eye examination. What most Americans do not know is that when you get an eye exam, your eye doctor must - by law - give you a copy of your prescription when you leave the office. GlassesUSA can then fill the prescription online and send you your classes within a weeks time.

Committed to providing customers with discount eyeglasses, GlassesUSA offers discounts to various universities, colleges, military personnel, union members, organization members, and customers who search the internet for deals. They also work in conjunction with the Unionville Lions Club in a partnership that helps preserve sight for those living in impoverished regions of the world. Customers can simply send an old pair of eyeglasses to the Unionville Lions Club - specifying they would like purchase new eyeglasses with GlassesUSA as part of this deal - along with their email address. Once the glasses are received, the customer will receive a discount code good towards their next pair of prescription eyeglasses.

As Americans look for cheaper accessories for their wardrobe, eyeglasses have become an instant hit for those who do not want prescription frames. Those not wanting to spend $200 (US) on clear-lensed eyeglasses for fashion purposes are turning to the internet and GlassesUSA for help and saving hundreds in the process.

Sunglasses are a popular purchase online as well. Prescription sunglasses can cost around the same as prescription eyeglasses but to add polarized lenses can cost more. GlassesUSA assures its customers that they are getting the best possible deal on sunglasses as they would get on eyeglasses. All sunglasses come with polarized lenses. It is recommended that customers add on the anti-reflective coating to the lenses.

All prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses go through a vigorous "5-stripe" quality assurance process to ensure customers that their glasses have been tested to exceed FDA standards.

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