The Parsa Law Group Has Helped Thousands Of Homeowners And Has Expanded To Be Able To Help Even More


Released on: March 11, 2009, 1:54 am
Author: Parsa Law Group
Industry: Law


COSTA MESA, CA – In the midst of the current foreclosure crisis in reaches epic proportions, the nation’s leading provider of legal loan modifications services, the Parsa Law Group and its marketing arm, the National Loan Modification Center, have helped hundreds of homeowners stay in their homes and are preparing to help even more.

The Parsa Law Group provides professional legal representation for those wishing to renegotiate an existing mortgage with their lender. The ultimate goal of the service is to avoid foreclosure and keep people in their home. The on-site team of attorneys and staff has helped thousands of homeowners who are facing financial hardship, have a mortgage that is upside down, or are stuck with an ARM/Interest-only mortgage they can no longer afford by stopping foreclosure, reducing their monthly mortgage payments, adjusting the principal on their mortgage, working out a modified loan with a lower fixed interest rate, and getting any missed mortgage payments tacked on to the end of their loan.

“For me this is a mission to help as many homeowners as possible stay in their homes. It’s such a shame when we see so many people that were taken advantage of with loans that were not explained to them fully or when you have someone that is about to lose their house and entire life’s savings because someone lied to them outright, or because they lost their job, or are simply going through rough financial times like so many other Americans. With the banks out to save themselves with billions in bonuses, and refusing to free up credit markets with the bailout money, a line has clearly been drawn, and we have chosen to be on the side of struggling homeowners.” said James Parsa, Lead Attorney at the Parsa Law Group / National Loan Modification Center.

"It’s been a quite challenge to keep up with the explosive growth of this area of our business,” says Mike Ponzillo, Director of Operations at the Parsa Law Group / National Loan Modification Center “we are literally hiring people every week because the calls keep coming in and every single case we negotiate with a lender requires a huge commitment of staff hours and resources on our end.”

Kelly Sneed, Marketing Manager at the National Loan Modification Center, said “Since we started this service it has been an ongoing effort from a marketing standpoint to get the word out about Loan Modifications as an alternative to foreclosure. A few months ago people didn’t know what a Loan Modification or a Loan Workout was, or how it could help them save their home.”

The Parsa Law Group is also in the process of assisting homeowners who do not qualify for the foreclosure help President Obama has recently issued. The Parsa Law Group is the staunch legal ally that struggling homeowners need in these incredibly difficult times.


Contact Details: Kelly Sneed, 1(800)305-0555


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