Are you happy to have Oprah on twitter?


Released on: April 27, 2009, 2:47 am
Author: John Erich
Industry: Internet & Online

You can answer the question “Are you happy to have Oprah on twitter” on twitter.

Twitter made the new heights of traffic with sole appearance on the Oprah show. The day when show was live there where millions of Oprah fans watching and signing up with Twitter with Oprah.

While writing this story Oprah had near to half a million followers on twitter. Unexpectedly the fans of Oprah joined twitter to follow Oprah and hear the smallest tweets from her.

According to Hitwise the traffic monitor company, the traffic on twitter jumped up to 43% due to the Oprah effect. The hashtags “Oprah” where also found to be among the top ten tweet tags used on twitter.

The question “Whether they are happy to have Oprah on twitter” is still a question.


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