Recent Study Supports Narconon Vista Bay Position That Sports Are An Effective Drug Deterrent


Released on: August 28, 2009, 3:38 am
Author: Narconon
Industry: Healthcare

Narconon is recognized worldwide for running highly effective drug and addiction treatment centers, but few people realize the organization actively supports athletics, including sponsoring a number of high profile sporting events. A recent study released by the Women’s Sport Foundation concluded that participating in sports reduces the risk of illicit drug use by both male and female athletes. This finding reinforces the pro-sports position that Narconon has held for decades.

City, State, August 28, 2009 -- A recent Women’s Sport Foundation study shows people who participate in sports are less likely to engage in illicit drug use, a conclusion shared by Narconon.

A well known addiction treatment organization, Narconon offers a variety of athletic activities as a key component of the treatment programs at addiction rehab centers it operates. The organization also promotes sports and sponsors sporting events as a way of offering communities an alternative to drug use, while sending a message about drug-free, healthy activities. The core concept is that participating in sports not only engages the participants, promoting a healthy lifestyle for children and adults, but athletic competition is also much more enjoyable and rewarding than drug use. The Women’s Sport Foundation study validates this position with its finding that the incidence of drug use decreases for people who are actively involved in sports.

Narconon President Clark Carr points out: “Our drug educators and community volunteers have been endlessly creative in raising public awareness, understanding, and commitment.” Part of that creativity has been expressed through hosting or organizing a wide range of sporting events, among them: golf tournaments, celebrity softball games, international marathons, hockey games featuring NHL alumni, bicycle tours and European football matches. Besides the health benefits gained by those participating in athletic endeavors, Narconon staff and volunteers are on hand at these events to provide educational drug awareness material and promote the advantages of a drug-free lifestyle. A community that has fun, engaging and competitive recreational sports options available for youth and adults alike, has accessible alternatives that can make the difference between making a healthy choice, or turning to drugs out of boredom.

Even when not directly hosting the event, Narconon participation or sponsorship is evident in many other organized sports activities throughout the world, including Narconon sponsored racing cars, community soccer teams throughout Europe and the Narconon Miracles hockey team. Besides its involvement in sporting events, Narconon also partners with community organizations and government agencies to provide drug education programs to thousands of school children across the United States and throughout the world.

Additional information about Narconon community education projects, sponsored sporting events and addiction treatment programs may be found at or by contacting 831-274-6986. Information about the Women’s Sport Foundation may be found at its web site:

Contact Details: Since its formation in Arizona in 1967, Narconon has grown to encompass over 150 centers in thirty-five different countries with twelve hundred staff, plus countless volunteers. While premier drug rehabilitation centers such as Narconon Vistabay remain critical to the organization’s mission, drug prevention and education programs, including the promotion of sporting events, are a focus for Narconon staff worldwide. Drug prevention through education is critical, but when it fails, facilities like Narconon Vista bay are there to provide the safety net that victims of addiction need in order to recover and regain their lives.

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