Narconon Holistic Residential Treatment Center Gives Life Back to Families Permanently


Released on: January 29, 2010, 12:45 pm
Author: Narconon VistaBay
Industry: Healthcare

Drug addiction doesn't affect just the addict. Mothers, brothers, spouses and friends all suffer when someone they love has an addiction. A Narconon holistic drug rehab program can help. Often, the journey toward sobriety begins with a much-needed intervention, and a Narconon holistic rehabilitation centers counselor will be with the family from that painful meeting through graduation, assuring them along the way that their loved one is getting the help she needs. The Narconon program involves both physical and mental treatments, and this holistic approach has resulted in higher success rates than those of traditional 28-day programs.

January, 2010 – After a year of watching Lindsey B. waste away from an addiction to crystal meth, her family held an intervention with the help of a Narconon holistic drug rehab counselor. The mother of three children was throwing her life away, and her loved ones had had enough.

“The intervention made me realize that my family knew I had a problem,” recalled Lindsey, “and that I really wanted help. I came to the Narconon drug treatment center the same night as the intervention. I was ready to change my life and was open to what Narconon had to offer me.”

Just like Lindsey's family, many don't know where to turn when a loved one has a drug addiction but will not seek treatment. Lindsey's family turned to Narconon VistaBay, where an intervention specialist was assigned to help prepare the family for the painful and difficult conversation to come. During the intervention, the specialist kept the conversation productive and on track, with the end result being Lindsey agreeing to Narconon drug rehab.

Once at one of the Narconon holistic rehabilitation centers, Lindsey began a physical detoxification to rid her body of drugs. Clearing the body of all drug residues, through daily sauna treatments and exercise, is an important part of the Narconon drug rehab process. Once the body is healthy, Lindsey began individual and group therapy sessions to discover the reasons behind her addiction. Throughout her recovery, Lindsey's family received regular updates regarding her progress. At her graduation, they were there to applaud her success.

“Narconon is great,” said Lindsey on the day she graduated from the Narconon holistic drug rehab at VistaBay. “All of the staff and students have been excellent throughout my entire time here ... Narconon offers a way to find out who you really are and informs you of all of the possibilities life has to offer. I could never have found them without Narconon.”

Family involvement, therapy and physical detoxification all contribute toward the high success rate – 70 percent of clients remain drug free at the five-year mark – of Narconon holistic rehabilitation centers. Another factor is the flexible length-of-stay policy. How long it took Lindsey to beat her addiction will not be how long it takes someone else. Narconon holistic drug rehab has a fixed cost, with no time limits. This allows for each addict to recover at her own pace, so she can rejoin her family and resume her life.

About Narconon VistaBay: Narconon VistaBay is one of several Narconon holistic rehabilitation centers in the California area that have helped thousands of addicts beat their addictions and get their lives back. For more information on the facility, please call 877-604-7257 or visit The high success rates of Narconon drug rehab prove that the program works.



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