Purify Your Body's Detox Foot Pads Are Packed With Powerful Ingredients That WORK!


Released on: January 20, 2010, 5:53 am
Author: Purify Your Body, LLC
Industry: Healthcare

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Purify Your Body’s detox foot pads produce more negative ions and infrared light than ANY other pad and are the only pads with NO starch fillers. All ingredients are designed to work together to draw out and absorb harmful toxins.

Remember that as adults we have between 400 to 800 man-made chemicals in our bodies. Detoxifying is an acceptable and necessary part of living a healthy life in today’s world. Purify Your Body’s detox foot pads are one of the most effective and easiest forms of natural detoxification.

What poisons are you carrying around in your body? More importantly, how do you get rid of them? While eastern medicine has known and embraced the virtues of natural detoxing for many years, western nations are only just catching on. Yet it’s a natural, obvious, and effective health treatment which can cure fluid retention, food intolerances, gas or diarrhea, colds and infections, exhaustion, skin rashes, headaches or dizziness, insomnia, and a host of other problems.

As adults, we have around 400 to 800 man-made chemicals circulating in our bodies. Normal healthy body elimination processes do not remove all these chemicals. Food, drinks, polluted air, medications, stress, metabolism, disease, products applied to skin, synthetics, home and workplace chemicals contribute to the body's toxin load which accumulates daily and builds up over the years.

Introducing the amazing detox foot pad. The detox foot pad warms and opens the pores of the skin to draw out and absorb accumulated wastes via the skin under osmotic pressure from the blood and lymph systems. The all-natural dry ingredients in the detox foot pads adhere to the soles of the feet like a big band aid overnight, when the body detoxifies. Depending on the individual, the detox may take two or three weeks to two or three months, or longer in the case of more severe disease or toxic build up.

Potent all-natural ingredients work together to draw out the toxic build-up in your feet, and in other parts of the body.

Toxins accumulate in the extremities. For hundreds of years Eastern medical studies have held the view that toxins progress towards the lower extremities in the body during the day. Assisted by gravity they accumulate from the tips of the toes to the ankles. Eastern medicine also understands that toxin accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases. For example, painful rheumatism and arthritis are caused by acidic toxin fluid gathered in the joints. There is another Asian expression that says aging comes from the foot.

Why Purify Your Body detox foot pads are better:

* Negative ions, a positive influence. Purify Your Body’s Detox Foot Pads are made with the mineral tourmaline, which contains negative ions. Negative ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron and they can help you feel better. Remember that feeling you've experienced near a waterfall or high in the mountains? Those are two places that thousands of negative ions occur. They create a positive effect on human biochemistry and Bio Detox pads allow negative ions to work their magic. The special sap used in the detox foot pads increases the vibration of negative ions which can then be absorbed easily by the skin.

* Far infrared generation, the warmth of healing. Our tissues normally produce infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair. At times the infrared energy in our tissues may require a boost to a higher level to ensure the fullest healing possible for tissue repair. Our Detox Foot Pads have been scientifically proven to produce warmth from Far infrared generation.

* Highest Quality Ingredients. The Detox Foot Pad uses the highest quality wood vinegar after natural purifying. Wood and bamboo vinegar are dried for a period of 8 months in order to remove the water substance. Next, to remove the impurities, a filtration process is applied four times. Lastly, the drying process is applied again for a period of 8 months to obtain a complete pure wood and bamboo vinegar. The finished product of the drying process is outstandingly pure.

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