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Released on: January 26, 2010, 4:16 am
Author: Narconon Vista Bay 877-604-7257
Industry: Healthcare

Narconon doesn't use drugs to treat drug addiction. Instead, programs such as Narconon VistaBay use a more holistic approach to help drug addicts get and stay clean. Each client at Narconon VistaBay receives a personalized program that includes natural detoxification and cognitive therapy, plus family involvement and a relapse prevention program. Combine that with the peaceful setting of Placerville, California, in the Sierra Foothills, and it's easy to understand how Narconon VistaBay can boast a high success rate; 70 percent of graduates continue to be drug-free after five years.

January, 2010 – It doesn't make sense to treat drug addiction with a drug, so Narconon VistaBay doesn't do it. The Narconon holistic drug rehab program instead focuses on detoxification of the addict's body as part of an approach that also addresses the reasons for the addiction in the first place. The peaceful setting of Narconon VistaBay – beautiful Placerville, California – also contributes to the high success rate of the facility.

Narconon VistaBay begins by creating a personalized program for each client. First, an addict must rid his body of drug metabolites. With prolonged drug use, a person's body loses the ability to rid itself of all drug residues. These residues, or metabolites, are stored in fatty tissue and released into the bloodstream months, even years, after the initial drug use. Metabolites trigger mental and physical cravings in an addict, even if he has long been sober. The Narconon holistic drug rehab program includes daily sauna therapy and exercise, plus vitamin supplements, to rid the addict's body of drug metabolites. The results are immediate: reduction or elimination of cravings and improved mental abilities.

Once the client has cleaned up his body, the staff at Narconon VistaBay begins to help him clean up his behavior. Through cognitive therapy, the addict studies his addiction lifestyle and thought processes. He also examines his relationships with friends and family. Once the client fully recognizes and accepts how his behaviors lead to a life of addiction, then he learns new life skills that will help him to cope as a sober member of society and to regain his self-worth. Supervised hiking and shopping trips in and around the small town of Placerville help the client rejoin society at a slow, peaceful pace.

Finally, the Narconon holistic drug rehab program designs a follow-up plan that involves regular staff contact with the client and his immediate family during the first year after treatment. The aftercare is part of the fixed cost for the Narconon VistaBay program, which has no time limit. Some clients take three months to recover, while others stay for six. Whatever the length, the entire cost of treatment is included in one, competitive price.

The holistic approach of Narconon drug rehab and its flexible lengths of stay lead to a 70 percent success rate among clients after five years. Compare that to most programs, which come in at around 15 to 20 percent, and the choice is clear.

About Narconon VistaBay: Narconon VistaBay has helped thousands of addicts beat their addictions and get their lives back. For more information on the facility, please call 877-604-7257 or visit The high success rates of Narconon holistic drug rehab prove that the program works. Why not make it work for you or someone you love.



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