Christian Church Provides Free Online Resources for Those Wanting to Better Understand the Bible


Released on: February 12, 2010, 5:48 am
Author: United Church of God
Industry: Education

There should be no barriers to learning more about the Christian Church and the Bible, but often there are. This is where the United Church of God can help. Through its online resources, students can learn more about the Christian Church through Bible stories and teachings about the Kingdom of Heaven. Best of all, the resources are free and available to any and all who want to learn.

February 2010 – In today's busy world, a significant portion of learning takes place on the Internet. Whether it's a high school student learning algebra or a busy mom studying and teaching her kids Bible stories, online resources are the key to continuing one's education on any subject. The United Church of God understands this and has created numerous in-depth lessons on the Christian Church, Bible stories, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

All of the resources found on the United Church of God's website,, are free and available to all. They include:

• Bible Study Course – In 12 lessons, students will study everything from “Why the Bible Is the Word of God” to “Christianity – A Way of Life.” This resource gives students a good base from which to begin study of the Christian Church.

• Bible Stories – Profiles of Faith – These guides tell the Bible stories of Abraham, Sarah, Mary and Martha, just to name a few. There are also children's Bible stories for parents and educators to use in their teachings.

• Kingdom of Heaven – Here, students will find a true definition of the Kingdom of Heaven that clears up the many misconceptions of this realm.

• This Is the United Church of God: Learn more about the Church that provides all of these free online resources. Its mission is to help Christians better understand the gospel taught by Jesus Christ and to prepare them for the Kingdom of Heaven.

In addition to the many Christian Church online resources, the United Church of God has many publications. Students can read them online and also request printed versions. The titles include:

• The Good News Magazine – This bimonthly publication offers in-depth study of the Bible and Bible stories, while its website also features current news and commentary, video segments and additional resources.

• Vertical Thought – This quarterly publication targets tomorrow's leaders with articles on everything from dating advice to how to hold onto Christian Church values while in college.

All of these resources are available online at, where you'll find many more ways to learn about the Christian Church and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The United Church of God traces its origins back to the Christian Church founded by Jesus in the early first century. The Church follows the same Bible Stories, doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church. Follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from Beyond Today programs on Learn more about the Kingdom of Heaven through its online Bible studies.



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