Vistabay of California Announces their Vista Bay Drug Rehab 1000 Plus Graduate Awards


Released on: March 30, 2010, 12:04 am
Industry: Healthcare

With over 1000 graduate awards, Vistabay is making its mark on the drug rehab industry. One thousand graduates is a significant milestone for the daring and innovative drug and alcohol treatment center. Successfully deploying a holistic addiction treatment program, Vistabay drug rehab is setting a new standard within the industry.

Much of the non-profit organization’s success has resulted from their unconventional approach for addiction treatment. Attributes like an indefinite stay, drug-free facilities, hot sauna detoxification, comprehensive life skills courses, and a comprehensive discharge plan have driven Vistabay’s success.

March, 2010 – Vistabay drug rehab is a pioneer in the drug and alcohol rehab industry. The announcement of over one thousand graduate awards is a significant indeed. Vistabay measures their success by attaining a permanent state of sobriety for their clients. The result is a program that has a success rate of 76% compared to traditional 12 step programs, which can have success rates as low as 2%.

Their completely drug free and holistic program has provided successful drug and alcohol treatment for over 42 years. Philosophically, Vistabay rehab does not consider swapping one chemical dependency for a prescription drug as an effective means for treating addiction. The result is oftentimes an addiction to a different drug and by definition does not result in a state of sobriety.

For more information, there are a number of Vistabay videos available on the Internet, which provides more of an illustrative description of the Vistabay drug rehab program. As a non-profit organization, they are absolutely dedicated to helping people become liberated from drug and alcohol addiction.

As a brief description of the program, Vistabay rehab begins with a hot sauna detoxification process. This includes vitamin supplementation and fluid intake. The detoxification process helps to cleanse toxins and chemicals from the body naturally. The process helps to promote increased lucidity and clarity of thoughts.

After detoxification, there are a number of life skills courses that provide essential information regarding a wide-range of topics. The individuals then establish a discharge plan, which acts as a strategic plan for maintaining a life free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Some of the remarkable attributes of the Vistabay drug rehab structure include the open-ended stay duration. This means that every individual can take the amount of time that they require to ensure a drug free life. There are no additional fees for a longer stay, which reduces stress on the individual.

At Vistabay graduates that relapse while following their discharge plan may also return to the facility for up to 30 days at no additional charge. The Vistabay rehab program works. With over one thousand graduates and an exceptional success rate, Vistabay is redefining drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

There are a number of Vistabay videos, which can help to present additional information about the Vistabay drug rehab program.

Vistabay is a non-profit and non-traditional treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. They help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction by providing an effective program and the time for each individual to become healthy again. The Vistabay Drug Rehab istabay Drug Rehab program and successful track record make them an essential solution for permanent results for individuals, friends and families facing the serious problem of drug and alcohol addiction.

Leland Michaels


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