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Released on: May 03, 2010, 11:51 am
Author: Bernie Grohsman, Founder:
Industry: Healthcare, the leading online resource website for addiction information and drug and alcohol treatment options, uses a simple and uncomplicated approach to providing an educational resource. This aids site viewers in insuring that they get the facts without the fluff. Typically, this site is visited during a stressful time in one’s life. By providing directory listings, and alcohol and drug information in an easy to navigate format visitors can effortlessly find and use the resources available. In a straightforward manner the site lists over 11,000 facilities. Because the website is not affiliated with any specific drug or alcohol treatment center visitors are not exposed to multiple ads and banners. The site offers tons of information plus a directory that lists thousands of drug and alcohol rehabilitation center facilities.

April, 2010 – has found a way to help those in need of finding information about drug and alcohol treatment options quickly and free of distracting ads. It has been noted that many times such ads can result in making a less than desirable facility sound wonderful. The website is ‘the’ online resource for articles and other helpful information and resources related to evaluating any drug or alcohol treatment center. is not affiliated with the centers represented on the site so visitors can trust that the information provided is frank and straightforward. Additionally, the website offers a help line, a free assessment, and unexpected resources. Whether one is looking for explanations of addiction trends that are hot news topics or they are simply looking for an appropriate alcohol rehabilitation center for themselves or a loved one, this website can help.

The goal of is to provide a sort of ‘one stop shopping’ place for the purpose of learning about addictions and other disorders, including dual diagnosis issues, and in locating a rehab center that will work for any specific person. The reality is that although some centers have extremely high success rates, if the participating clients are not comfortable with the type of facility or program used, success is not as probable.

For example, the 12-Step approach is a tested and proven method of drug and alcohol rehab. However, some people are strongly opposed to the concept of the program itself. Such individuals may find that a holistic approach will work better for them. There are even alcohol treatment options that combine the 12-Step method with a holistic approach. Of course, when it comes to detoxification, some centers offer a drug-free approach and others provide medication to make the detox phase more comfortable for clients. Options such as these should be carefully considered before choosing an alcohol treatment center.

While the success rate and program used at any Alcohol Treatment facility should be key indicators of which are more appropriate, it is also necessary to consider the location of the facility as well as the cost involved. Some people are only concerned with getting good care and support during rehab but others prefer a secluded environment or even luxury accommodations and amenities. provides a directory that includes listings of all types of facilities. This means that each and every addiction, disorder and dual diagnosis is addressed as well as specific desires and needs of individuals. provides online help for alcoholics and their families in locating a quality Alcohol Treatment Center. This is the leading online resource for information and listings of drug and alcohol rehab facilities. The site makes finding the rightAlcohol Rehabilitation Center much easier because all types of information are located at one simple to navigate website. This valuable resource is offered free of charge.

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