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Released on: June 29, 2010, 3:35 am
Author: Darlene Goode
Industry: Internet & Online

Calgary, AB...(June 29th, 2010) A Calgary web design business, Professional Web Studio specializes in providing quality Internet marketing solutions for the “Mom & Pop” businesses through to non-profit organizations in both Canada and North America.

With over 20 years combined IT experience Darlene and Bjorn, owners of Professional Web Studio started this business to enable those smaller businesses along with non profit organizations the opportunity to establish a successful web presence and effectively compete against the Goliath’s across all industries. “I found that what I enjoy the most is programming and developing websites because I enjoy seeing the end result of the website along with our happy customers” says Bjorn.

Through the development of custom web sites, integration of social networking (including Twitter and blogs), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and fast and accurate maintenance, Professional Web Studio aids its clients in achieving goals, growth, competitiveness and business they could only dream of.

Darlene and Bjorn understand SEO and weave SEO techniques into the development of their websites as opposed to selling Search Engine Optimization packages as an additional service to their business.

Today’s world of business seems to be filled with promises and hopes that many organizations cannot meet. Furthermore today’s consumer has very little time and demands the right information from the start. So it’s little wonder that those companies who actively and continually update their online presence will see the biggest growth in consumers.

”No one can guarantee that the website they build will reach and stay at the top of the search engine results” Darlene commented. "Our motivation and our goal is to develop websites for small businesses that the search engines love, their readers enjoy, and our clients appreciate as they watch their sales increase due to the fact that they have an affordable, well designed and developed website for their business”.

Professional Web Studio is a company that has been built on integrity, experience and passion. They develop cost effective solutions for businesses to assist the David businesses compete against the Goliath’s of our world.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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