SOKULE Combines the Best Features of Free Posting Sites for A More Effective Social Business Marketing Strategy



Released on: June 25, 2010, 2:52 am
Author: Sokule
Industry: Internet & Online

Business owners can utilize to help streamline their marketing activities and initiatives at multiple social business networking sites by uploading information on up to 30 free posting sites with one click.

New York City, NY -  A newcomer to social networking,, promises to blend the best features of social business networking sites in order to help businesses boost their online exposure for increased customer contact.

Internet entrepreneurs and marketing professionals Jane Mark and Phil Basted launched SOKULE in 2009 in order to create a social media website that was geared more directly to the needs of business owners who were looking for ways to integrate social business networking sites into their marketing plans.

The fact that small businesses face a tougher time in securing the massive amounts of marketing exposure that larger companies tend to have is why Mark and Basten designed SOKULE as a social media portal that harnesses the power of multiple free posting sites in order to help smaller companies quickly release information about their companies to many places online.

Each time a user "Squeeks" a Sokule profile update, they can also post the same update at 49 other free posting sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only does this help reduce a business owner's social marketing time, but this massive release of information will also help the company catch the attention of search engines.

Increased search engine exposure will go a long way towards helping a new (or existing) business quickly develop a positive Internet reputation. In addition, any time an upgraded Sokule user's followers decide to upgrade their membership, the user will earn a commission.

The idea helping to grow the Sokule user base can also be profitable is one of the many features that help Sokule to stand apart from other social business networking sites and traditional free posting sites.

Business owners who are starting to understand the marketing power of free positing sites will not only enjoy the monetization features of Sokule, but they will also experience greater freedom with the posting format at Sokule, as opposed to other social business networking sites.

With a maximum length of 500 characters, Sokule "Squeeks" can be longer than a traditional Twitter post, and members have the ability to schedule future posts, email their followers, add images to posts, and more.

The team at Sokule has also been proactive in developing a mobile application that Sokule users can utilize when they need to submit information on the go, using a cell phone.

Though there are certainly a variety of options for using social business networking sites to gain better online visibility, using Sokule is a smart choice for the business owner who wants to cover all of their bases without devoting hours and hours of time to updating multiple sites.

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