Metamorphosis from Caterpillar to Butterfly

Debut Author Covers Life Cycle of Black Swallowtail Butterfly in Inspiring New Children's Book


Released on: July 16, 2010, 8:20 am
Author: Robin Murray
Industry: Education

PENSACOLA, FL In her thrilling new children's book The Caterpillars that Grew  and Grew  and Grew, debut author and illustrator Robin Murray follows the three-year old Maddison as she explores the world through her magical magnifying glass and learns all about the amazing life cycle of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

When the Black Swallowtail Butterfly makes its debut each spring, seeking out colorful flowers for nectar, Maddison is able to identify it from its unique wing shape and distinctive black, yellow and cornflower blue markings. After the butterfly lays its eggs on dill, parsley, fennel or carrots, they can see a little caterpillar munch its way out of the egg and start eating. Finally, the caterpillar stops eating and find a place to spin its chrysalis, its cocoon.

And there it rests quietly, hanging by a little silk thread. Several weeks later, an amazing thing happens to Maddison's surprise. Really close to the chrysalis, she glimpses a little head will poke out and the butterfly come into the world. Still wet, she watches as the new butterfly pumps fluid from its body into the veins of the crumpled wet wings. As the veins fill, the wings expand. Soon, a lovely butterfly stretches its black wings open and shut, practicing for its maiden voyage into the sky as wide-eyed Maddison is filled with awe and wonder about this miraculous transformation.

From egg to growing caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, Maddison and Mimi, her grandmother, take readers of all ages on a delightful adventure and teach youngsters all about plants to best attract butterflies as well as host plants best suited for feeding hungry growing caterpillars. By releasing each beautiful butterfly, they make the world a more beautiful place for all mankind. Realize the importance of preserving and protecting one of God's most tiny, beautiful creatures and learn about the ways to preserve the butterfly's as well as the larva's natural habitats today in Murray's entertaining and inspirational book The Caterpillars that Grew  and Grew  and Grew, a window that inspires children and adults to ask questions, explore and learn all about a very popular and beautiful species of butterfly that lives in the southeastern part of our country.

About the Author
From pediatric nurse to volunteer on the mission fields of Honduras, Murray has devoted much of her life to helping others. As back problems forced her to slow the pace, she began to devote more time to her family. She now watches grandchild Maddison while her daughter is working. On those special days, Maddison and her grandmother make pottery masterpieces from blobs of clay, plant seeds in the garden, read exciting adventure books and play in the park. Murray's custom glazes and sculptures have become local favorites for pottery collectors. For many years, Robin dreamed about writing a book about butterflies, but it wasn't until Maddison picked up her magnifying glass and began peering at the world that Robin realized that the time was now to capture the moment in words and pictures. Though The Caterpillars that Grew  and Grew  and Grew is Murray's first official publication, she is already writing another about a baby sea turtle named Spencer. Interested readers and media professionals can visit for more information about Murray and her book.

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