Seeking Website Hosting Companies to Join our Merchant Referral Program



Released on: July 08, 2010, 3:51 am
Author: Jennifer Loganathan
Industry: Internet & Online

This new program will be targeted at avant-garde Website Hosting Companies and Value Added Resellers. "Our Merchant Referral Program enables our strategic alliances and referral companies to offer credit card processing solutions and ATM processing services to their merchants, while receiving additional income for their business," says Jennifer Loganathan, Vertical Sales Manager. "Referral residuals and commissions are paid monthly.”

To join the merchant referral program it is simple and seamless. Referral companies can submit customers quickly and easily. "The importance is on steadfastness," says Jennifer. “All Referral partners will have their own log in interface so they can track merchants they refer along with their transaction processing volume.”

Referral companies who become Referral Partners can provide their merchants with Credit Card Processing, Check Processing, Multi-Currency Processing, and Merchant Cash Advance. Additionally, merchants will be able to leverage the benefits of an all in one provider, and enjoy 24 x 7 service and technical support, fast and easy integration with personalized service.

For more information on the Referral Program and or further details on credit card processing please contact me directly.

Contact: Merchant Referral Program for Web Hosing Companies
Phone: 716-348-8701



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