Small Wind Turbine Manufacturer Gaia-Wind Welcomes First Minister's Drive For World's First Floating Wind Farm



Released on: August 27, 2010, 1:43 pm
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Energy

Domestic wind turbine manufacturer Gaia-Wind supports the Scottish Government's backing of floating wind farms that will help bring the commercial viability and benefits of wind turbines to an even bigger audience.

Following discussions between First Minister Alex Salmond and Norwegian energy giant Statoil, Scotland could soon become home to the world's first floating wind farm.

In a bid to encourage Statoil to use Scottish waters to test and develop the commercial viability of their deep water Hywind floating turbines, the First Minister has suggested locations off the coast of Aberdeenshire or the Isle of Lewis.

Scottish waters as a whole are thought to offer a quarter of Europe's entire offshore renewable potential.

Should the project go ahead, it is estimated that offshore wind power could create around 20,000 jobs, £30 billion in investment as well as a much needed move towards energy security; a point domestic wind turbine manufacturer Gaia-Wind feels is long overdue, as a spokesperson explains:

“With the finite nature of fossil fuels becoming an increasingly pressing matter, we need to act now to create a world that can function just as easily from renewable energy as it does oil.

“The forward thinking nature of the Scottish Government shows the wheels are in motion to do so.

“One of the biggest incentives of large scale renewable energy – such as plans for a floating wind farm – is the idea that Scotland could secure and harness its own energy resources meaning the need to rely on power from other countries could become redundant. The idea of Scotland producing power independently is a very attractive prospect indeed.”

With the Scottish Government backing wind energy all the way, it's hoped that the increasing prominence of large scale wind farms will also enlighten home owners and small businesses to the benefits of wind turbines on a domestic level

With recycling and eco-awareness at an all time high, Gaia-Wind predicts small scale harnessing of the elements will be next on the agenda for environmentally savvy consumers:

“Despite Scotland's massive offshore wind potential, the wind energy that everyday people can harness from their back gardens, roof tops or small holdings should not be underestimated.

“With the Government's generous feed-in tariffs offering extra financial incentive, home owners needn't wait for offshore wind to power their homes when renewable power can be harvested on their doorstep; capable of powering entire homes with any excess being sold back to the grid.”

“Ultimately, wind turbines are becoming a much more viable energy option to a greater number of people.”

About Gaia-Wind:
Gaia-Wind are the world’s leading high performance small wind turbine and home wind turbine manufacturer ideally suited to service farms, large residences, small businesses, and public buildings. Gaia-Wind turbines generate better value and are dedicated to helping customers discover and benefit from the outstanding and economic advantages offered small wind turbines.

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