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Released on: November 05, 2010, 9:24 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

Facebook Yesterday launched a series of developments to its mobile operations in a bid to capitalise on the growth in mobile internet access. The increased market presence of internet via mobile is especially important for the expansion of Facebook in the developing world, where the nouvelle connected are typically leapfrogging desktop access and moving straight into the world wide mobile web.

The primary improvement has been made in relation to the recent development of Facebook Places, a tool which allows Facebook members to share their whereabouts with other Facebook Friends. The revelation of Facebook Deals has heralded a new era in the interaction of mobile users with participating retail or hospitality venues.

Speaking on the increased proliferation and significance of mobile internet access, SEO company QueryClick.com said:

“While desktop search has actually fallen approximately 15% YOY, mobile search traffic has risen some 247% over the course of the past 12 months. In this respect, businesses cannot afford to ignore mobile web access, especially 'mobile' mobile web access, in which users on the move are now able to locate the best deals near their ever-changing locations.”

By 'checking-in' to one of many stores, restaurants, and other businesses, users are rewarded with relevant vouchers, discounts, and deals based on their location. The vouchers received by users are then presented to the nearby venue in return for a discounted service or product. For consumers this strategy obviously offers a valuable reward for their online participation, whilst businesses are able to promote their services on a new level, as well as keeping track of their success throughout this marketing scheme.

SEO Experts QueryClick.com are well aware of the benefits of data tracking for the development of any business, and praised the capacity of the Deals tool to track their claim rates, and thus determine the relative success of their 'Deal'.

Facebook's head of mobile business, Henri Moissinac, commented on the benefit of the application for developers. He said:

"Augmented-reality apps like Layar will be able to visualise deals in real-time around a user's location."

In addition to the Facebook Deals app, other improvements announced were the single sign-on function, in which users will only have to enter a username and password once when utilising a range of third-party mobile sites which support Facebook's sign-on credentials, and the introduction of the new 'Groups' and 'Places' tools on the iPhone and Android platforms.

Also discussed during the unveiling of these developments, was the likelihood of a Facebook phone reaching the marketplace. Mark Zuckerberg, acknowledging the growing rumours surrounding the issue, delivered a resounding no to the idea, insisting that Facebook are fully focused on developing their mobile web presence.

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