SEO Brand Management LLC of Arizona Builds Community Larger Than Vatican City in 45 Days



Released on: February 04, 2011, 6:08 am
Author: Edward L. Mugits
Industry: Internet & Online

SEO Brand Management LLC of Arizona, SEOBM, daily site traffic surpassed the 800 person population of the Vatican City in less than 45 days. Imagine in less than 2 months having 1095 people visiting your website every day and reading an average of 3.5 pages or more each visit. Granted, a little shy of the Vatican City and its 17,000 tourist visits each day, but without a pope this says much for pure organic online SEO and SEM Brand and Reputation Management. The major traffic generators have been from their stable of Video Marketing and Social Media SEO and SEM product portfolio.

SEOBM founder and President, Tommi Pajak, launched their first series of SEOB websites in late December 2010. Tommi states “SEOBM was created for the sole purpose of providing premium services for Proactive Online Brand and Reputation Management SEO with emphasis on Keyword Rankings.

After years of servicing premier SEO companies as a collaborative supply chain partner, which served as a great education, I was compelled to lead SEOBM in a niched path as well as offering client to vertical exclusivity. We practice what we preach with the integrity to secure and extend our online reach. Kind of ironic our first milestone was the Vatican City. Quite fitting, I’m certain we’ll gain more off the popular Vatican City keywords, but I’m not inclined to build out a Vatican City Virtual Tour for their Reputation Management, our content should compel the readership to capture a qualified visit and a neutral online ref. If you look at one of the industry Key Performance Indicators, KPI’s, such as Alexa, achieving an Alexa rank under 750,000 in 45 days with our SEO friendly services and products, no PPC, just pure Organic SEO and SEM, that is what we preach. We’re not the new kids on the block by any means, we’re well seasoned and staffed with some of the best intellectual assets in the industry.

Our philosophy focuses around relationship building; Building our brand integrity for the high value of social acceptance within the ranks of the most popular and high performing Social Media, Social Networks and Social Publishing sites, Video sharing sites and developing out one of the largest global communities of webmasters who appreciate the value of relevancy and the pinpoint accuracy of well written and placed content. We are an engaging and interactive influencer, we create the Buzz, the Virtual Chat and we monitor the mentions with the right tool(s) for each and every the project.

SEOBM premium SEO and SEM products and services are created through a stringent piloting process; Product Development and Beta Testing, The Tim Ash of Always be Testing for the most cost effective solutions, this combined with our No Tampering Process Variation Management Controls, assures we meet our objectives.

Our stable of high value Brand and Reputation Management SEO and SEM products span every online medium, not a single stand-alone product campaign exists; Every component is fully integrated for the maximum effectiveness of our Local, Regional, National and Global online positioning:

1. Video Marketing Brand Management SEO
2. Production, Profile builds, and Syndication.
3. Social Media Profile and community interaction and maintenance for extended reach.
4. Social Network community creation, maintenance and positioning with RSS Integration
5. Social Publishing and Syndication with Expert Authorships and editorial summary formatting.
6. SEOBM RSSI, the next generation of Hybrid Real Simple Syndication Integration.
7. Web 3.0 blog, wiki, forum, commenting (permission based) and their shared extensions.
8. Website backlink building with every type and style of SEO friendly one way hard coded links.
9. On and Off page SEO with LPO emphasis; Always Be Closing as a point of sale.
10. Professional content creation in native languages with multilingual expansion systems.
11. Crowd Sourcing, Funneling and environmental Control with conversation navigation systems monitoring integration and the sentiment analysis driven management for every possible situation.

We start with the basics and secure your domain(s) online ranking position and build a solid foundation within the popular communities for your social acceptance and online positioning within the top SERP’s of every major SE. We foster Client partnerships that assure Proactive Operational, Tactical and Catastrophic Contingency Planning is agreed upon and in place to preserve, protect and promote the online reputation of both business and person. Our years of experience allow us to facilitate the best reputation management solutions in proactive online brand management SEO and SEM programs. We do not employ Cookie Cutter solutions; every project is uniquely tailored to each client’s specific needs”.


Edward L. Mugits
SEO Brand Management LLC
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