Swami Balendu criticizes Baba Ramdev in an open letter to him



Released on: March 22, 2011, 06:37 am
Author: Ramona Meisch
Industry: Education

Swami Balendu writes a letter to Baba Ramdev and explains him why people are confused about his personality, whether he is a yoga teacher, businessman or politician and what his agenda is, as he talks about black money and corruption but is himself the subject of various rumours.

In one of his latest blog posts Swami Balendu, who describes himself as former guru', addresses Baba Ramdev, the popular Indian yoga teacher, business owner and politician. In the direct manner which prevails in his complete blog, Swami Balendu elaborates why he and, in his opinion, millions of Indian people, have doubts on who Baba Ramdev actually is and what his aims are.

People don't understand him anymore. Is he a Sanyasi ? A yoga teacher? Is he a businessman? Or is he a politician? asks the author of the letter, Swami Balendu, who in his blog post gives examples of Ramdev's contradictive behavior.

There are people doubting his own financial situation, questioning his political direction and agenda and even asking for investigations into his past. He accuses the Congress party of corruption while he himself gives donations to the opposition party, the BJP. Publicly however he has nothing to do with that party. Why does he hide his support? Another loud question by many is: Are you still a Sanyasi, Baba Ramdev?

Before Baba Ramdev's planned protest on the Ramleela Ground in Delhi on the 23 rd March, Swami Balendu explains the Baba in detail how he himself has created such questions in people's minds. Swami Balendus himself has, after more than three years of isolated meditation in a cave, left the life and profession of a guru. He explains this change with the feeling that nobody is higher or lower than anybody else'. He is now a married businessman and additionally running children charity projects in Vrindavan , India .

This is not the first blog entry in his online diary' in which Swami Balendu questions the new and old gurus of India . In his outspoken manner he doesn't mince matters when he writes about the magic tricks of Sathya Sai Baba, the escapades of the Sex Swami' Nithyananda, the sexual harassment and rape charges against Jagadguru Kripalu and his disciple Prakashananda or the strange religious habits of the devotees of ISKCON.

His letter to Baba Ramdev is the latest of such attempts to reveal more about hidden activities and sometimes even unlawful actions of India 's so-called religious leaders and gurus. When asked about his aim, Swami Balendu tells: I hope when I write about them, it helps people to realize their own responsibilities and helps them go their own ways instead of blindly following a guru who is only seeking power and wealth using the pretext of religion and God!'

Swami Balendu's complete letter can be read here: http://www.jaisiyaram.com/blog/guru/7657-an-open-letter-to-swami-ramdev-from-swami-balendu-22-mar-11.html

Author: Ramona Meisch
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