Perlage Systems, Inc. To Release Cocktail Carbonating System



Released on: May 05, 2011, 9:38 am
Author: Tessa McEniry 
Industry: Food & Beverage

Seattle, WA, May 2011 On July 20th, Perlage Systems, Inc. will launch the Perlini Cocktail Carbonating System, at New Orleans' Tales of the Cocktail. Perlini is the first and only carbonation product designed by and for professional bartenders, specifically for use in commercial environments, and specifically tailored to the needs of bars and restaurants.

The craft of making cocktails has been around for over two centuries, so it's rare when something comes along that is entirely new, says Jamie Boudreau, noted mixologist. Perlini is that rare, truly revolutionary product. Perlini gives us a whole new set of techniques, flavors, and textures to work with , and that is very exciting to the profession.

Currently, sparkling cocktails are created by the addition of an effervescent component, like soda or Champagne. This results in a lightly carbonated drink that is diluted by that added carbonated beverage. Perlini, by contrast, infuses all the ingredients in the drink with effervescence including the alcohol-- creating a vigorously sparkling cocktail with persistent bubbles, as with a fine Champagne.  Perlini create s a multitude of unexplored options by using carbonation to create an entirely new category of cocktail.

In 2004, on a whim, I showed the owners of the ZigZag Café in Seattle how to make a sparkling Cosmopolitan with an early prototype of the Perlage Champagne Preservation System, says Evan Wallace, founder and president of Perlage Systems, Inc. It was kind of meant as a joke, but t hey just about flipped. Their enthusiasm spurred us to start working on a device specifically designed to carbonate cocktails, and that's how the Perlini concept was born, Perlini was conceived in a bar, and we designed it from the ground up with constant input and feedback from professional bartenders to create the perfect toolone that would work in the chaotic environment of a busy bar without impacting the traditional workflow of cocktail production.

Even beyond the realm of mixology, the Perlini has a multitude of uses in the workplace as well as in the home. With its commercial and home versions, this product allows anyone and everyone to get in touch with their creative side. Chefs are finding dozens of uses for this device ranging from carbonating garnishes and marinating chicken, to creating sauces and more . From creating your own sparkling water, to carbonating cocktails, juices and even your coffee, there is an infinite number of possible concoctionslimited only by the imagination.

Perlini retails for $199 and comes with shaker, pressurizing filler, and 12 CO2 cartridges in an aluminum attaché case.

About Perlage Systems, Inc.:

Perlage Systems, Inc. is a beverage technology company based out of Seattle, Washington. PSI was incorporated in 1994 to bring its patented Champagne preservation technology to the market, and after 15 years of painstaking research, development, and testing, the product was launched in collaboration with Dom Pérignon. Perlage has expanded its product line to include the growing culture of mixology with the introduction of the Perlini Cocktail Carbonating System.

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