Advances in Technology See Breakthroughs in English Learning Tools


Released on: July 05, 2011, 6:47 am
Author: OVM Solutions LLC
Industry: Education

Modern technologies in internet applications usher in a new age in learning development tools particularly in ESL training and teaching.

Teachers and students alike are being given new opportunities in mastering the English language. What once began as a real-life and hands-on learning experience can now be accessed through a computer and an internet connection. While the traditional methods of teaching English as second language to students in a classroom still has its advantages, alternative learning packages are being introduced and explored to address certain limitations in learning.

One such example of technological advancement is the “English Interactive” ESL program. It is a full tutorial course being offered online and at the convenience of the teacher and student. Coming in with more than 100 hours of complete immersion in contemporary everyday situations, this online tool offers a virtual version of an English course. English skills are targeted and developed accordingly with separate sections for grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, speaking and final tests. Every skill level is carefully prepared by leading ESL teachers and experts so that each student is given a full comprehensive learning package according to his capabilities.

One of the advantages of the online tutorial course is the role playing options a student may engage in. He is able to choose a role that he would like to fulfill and then begins to perform a dialogue with a video head. The student can record their conversations as many times as he would like to, until the correct pronunciation is nailed. The online tutorial course serves to build up the confidence of the student as unlike in a classroom; he is able to go through lessons as many times as he needs to. There is no pressure or competition from other students in a class.

For a teacher, the online course offers maximum efficiency and practicality. Lesson guides are detailed and tracked down accordingly. Grades are recorded and computed electronically so there is little room for mistake. A teacher is also given the option to enroll in classes to sharpen their mastery of the English language further. Dubbed as Teacher Development Courses, they can enroll and log in at their most convenient time to advance their studies in teaching English. The program has been met with positive reviews by teachers and students alike.

The "English Interactive" ESL Program has been approved by the Statin Island, NY School System and placed into a Pilot Program of 70 students. It has been running for two months and with great success. The "English Interactive" Program Developer Dr. Oscar Vasquez-Melendez is set to meet with more schools to contract a regular schedule of this program. The ESL Program is set to be integrated in learning modules in different universities, businesses and individuals on an international scale. Students earn a certificate after completing all 4 levels. This certificate may be used for advanced learning in a college or university.

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