MBA & Company Rides The Wave Of New Business Trends As MBA Employment Diversifies



Released on: July 06, 2011, 7:31 pm
Author: MBA & Company
Industry: Human Resources

The MBA & Company business recruitment policy is in high demand as the MBA jobs market changes complexion in the recession

Business specialist MBA & Company has stayed a step ahead of the industry with its approach to the changing nature of the MBA jobs market.

After the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the expected shortfall of MBA job opportunities in traditionally large employers such as Citigroup many economists and industry experts suggested that the role of the business post-graduate, a staple of the financial booms in the 1980s and 1990s, was becoming irrelevant.

However, MBA & Company proved it was ahead of the trends by predicting the market's response: the demand for MBA jobs may have diminished in the archetypal financial skyscrapers; however, a host of new employers, in new sectors, and new ways of working have arisen., for instance, is now a huge employer of MBAs. As more and more companies go online; and as business strategy becomes crucial to all public services and commercial ventures in the recession, the role of the MBA has transformed to encompass freelancing, off-shore and consultancy opportunities in a wide range of sectors including retail, education, security and politics.

MBA & Company, established during the downturn and challenged to find a solution to the inevitable cut-backs in the multinationals, predicted this very trend. By responding to the diversity of employers' requirements, and understanding how MBA knowledge can support their work, MBA & Company has developed reliable recruitment solutions for an unpredictable world.

About us
MBA & Company was founded by a group of MBA graduates who understood that during the economic downturn companies did not have the funds available to use expensive consultancies or recruitment agencies.

We create a means for companies to gain access to this talent in a manner that reflects their needs whilst also offering the professional service that our clients deserve.

With a focus on delivering top quality service, our global talent pool covers 5 continents. We have successfully facilitated multiple projects in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, USA, South Africa, India, Kazakhstan and Russia.

With the backing of several leading VC funds in Europe , we are uniquely positioned to provide strong partnerships and solutions to companies whatever their location, industry or functional requirements.

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