Train Aid Offers Free AED Training On Open 3 Day First Aid Course

Released on: October 05, 2012, 2:23 pm
Industry: Education

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Train Aid Ltd has decided to offer Free AED training on their open first aid at work courses. The new scheme applies to the monthly open course, which is held in London and enables individuals and businesses to meet the requirements of the HSE. The reason behind the move is to enable more people to get access to the machines that can restart a cardiac arrest victim’s heart. Despite being accessible in a whole host of public locations many people haven’t had any specific training related to the use of the machines.

AED’s are one of the first tools a paramedic will use when treating a victim of cardiac arrest. In light of this the science behind them was simplified and transferred from the professional domain into the hands of the public. This means that any person in a public location can grab the machine and treat a heart attack victim whilst awaiting the arrival of the emergency services. This is crucial as for every minute that passes without an AED the casualty’s chance of survival drops by 10%.

At the present time there is no law requiring business or individuals to have undertaken AED training. This may well change, but currently training providers often include the training as an expensive add on to regular first aid at work courses. Train Aid Ltd has decided to lead the way on this front and offer the lifesaving course completely free as part of their regular courses. Training coordinator Billy Casserley was on hand to explain the reasons behind the move:

“The AED is the only known way of treating a cardiac arrest victim, yet not enough people know how to use them. In fact not many people even know they exist despite being present at all major rail stations, airport terminals and leisure centres. The time has come to get more people trained, which will ultimately save more lives”.

In the future it is likely that AED training will become part of the 3 day first aid course syllabus. Whilst awaiting the changes Train Aid Ltd is looking to set a precedent by enabling candidates to access the training free of charge.

Contact Details: 32 Somers Road, Reigate, RH2 9DZ,01737556434,


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