Hollander Consultants Symposium Sets Standard for Client Delivery

Released on = March 21, 2005, 3:09 pm

Press Release Author = Matthew Bratschi

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Hollander Consultants is holding its annual Florida symposium in Clearwater Beach with over 350 people in attendance

Press Release Body = CLEARWATER BEACH, FL: Hollander Consultants is holding its annual Florida symposium in Clearwater Beach with over 350 people in attendance. Doctors of veterinary, dentistry and optometry are being given useable and workable
tools to help their patients and clients achieve better care and excellent service.

Hollander Consultants’ clients flew to Clearwater Beach from all over the country and even from Canada to attend the symposium. It is being held from the 17th to the 20th of March.

Dr. Jeff Carden, a general dentist from Tuskegee, Alabama said, “This is the third general symposium I’ve been to. Each time I’ve brought a majority of my office staff. After each symposium, we’ve gone back and blown our previous production numbers away!”

For over 14 years, Hollander Consultants has conducted symposia in Clearwater Beach to provide a forum for clients to achieve greater skills in managing their practices and developing competent, well-trained staff.

Larry Silver, president of Hollander Consultants, said, “The Hollander Consultants symposium at Clearwater Beach is a key part of our consulting package. We take a three pronged approach in helping doctors succeed in their practices. We provide in house training of doctors and their staff, regular personal consultations by our highly trained consultants and our biannual symposia. We also have a graduate
symposium for doctors that are ready to move on to the next level.”

Hollander Consultants is one of the leading national consulting firms in the United States and Canada for the combined dentistry, optometry and veterinary professions, and uses the administrative systems developed by business management pioneer, L. Ron

Hollander Consultants was recently named one of the top 50 companies to work for in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine.

Hollander Consultants can be found online at http://www.hollanderconsultants.com . Hollander Consultants also maintains an online quarterly magazine, Solutions, which is located at http://www.solutionsmags.com.


Web Site = http://www.hollanderconsultants.com

Contact Details = Hollander Consultants
621 SW Alder, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205


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