My Mobi Services Introduces The Digital Scratch Card

Released on: January 28, 2014, 6:59 am
Industry: Computers

Los Angeles, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- My Mobi Services, a mobile solutions firm that offers mobile services to small businesses, recently unveiled their newest marketing and promotional tool for small businesses to seek out new clients and retain existing clients--The Digital Scratch Card. Similar to the scratch off cards one gets at a convenience store, this scratch off card allows the business owner to entice clients to do business with the organization by offering prizes to the visitor that scratches a winning ticket. Prizes can be anything the business owner desires, such as "20% Off a Massage", "Buy One Get One Free", "Free Dinner Entree with The Purchase of One Entree and 2 Drinks" and so on.

The unique angle of the Digital Scratch Card is that it looks just like a physical scratch card but in a digital format. People can use their mouse or finger (if they are on a smartphone and tablet) to scratch off the "digital silver latex" covering to reveal a prize.

When asked why the Digital Scratch Card is "the ultimate client engagement and retention tool," Pavon Dunbar, founder of My Mobi Services, replied, "this unique service is a psychological tool designed to accomplish one goal: get the client to the establishment or website and spend money. Scratch cards have been around for ages. People in general love playing them for the same reason people love going to casinos: to play games of chance in the hope that they will be that person to win the grand prize or any prize for that matter. We are so used to losing at these scratch card games that when we win, we go out of the way to redeem the prize; not for the prize itself, but to satisfy that feeling, gratification, or thrill of actually winning something in these games of chance. Now small business owners have the opportunity to take advantage of that psychological mindset that we have and use the Digital Scratch Card as a powerful marketing tool in their marketing campaign to drive more clients, more sales, and more revenue to their organization."

In general, the flow is very simple: a client scans a QR Code from his or her phone or tablet or goes to a website where the scratch card is located. The client scratches the card to reveal the prize. If the card is a winner, the client has a special code that he or she can use to redeem at the establishment to claim the prize. Since the client is a winner, the client will want to fulfill the gratification of winning by redeeming the prize won. The business owner wins because now the organization has acquired a new client or retained an existing one through interaction, engagement, and just plain fun. In addition, these digital scratch cards can also increase loyalty to the firm.

Pavon also addressed a few drawbacks that becomes benefits for the business owner. One is the possibility of winners sharing the winning code on the scratch ticket with friends and family. Says Pavon, "that's exactly what a small business owner wants!! For winners to share the code. It will bring more clients to the organization that will result in more sales and more profits!" Another drawback is the possibility of clients "gaming" the system by scratching the cards until he or she gets a winner. Again, Pavon emphasizes, "this digital scratch card is nothing more than an interactive, fun advertising tool for small businesses. True, there will be some clients that will scratch and refresh and scratch again until they have a winning ticket. But that is what a small business wants. A client to win so the client can ultimately visit the establishment. That time the client is spending scratching the ticket continuously to find a winner is time that is taken away from the organization's competitor."

For more information on this amazing innovative marketing tool to increase business, go to or try out a demo at

Contact-Details: Pavon Dunbar
My Mobi Services
Los Angeles, CA

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