M&A Activity to Continue in ITAD and Electronics Recycling Markets as the Number of Small Independent Firms Shrinks, Says Compliance Standards

Released on: February 06, 2014, 7:10 am
Industry: Environment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Compliance Standard is pleased to announce the release of an assessment of the IT equipment and electronics disposition and recycling sector. Titled “The ITAD and Electronic Recycling Competitive Landscape: The Momentary Vanishing of the Pure-Play ITAD Companies,” the document shows how the IT and electronics recycling sector is the midst of an M&A wave, that is expected to continue well into 2014 and beyond, driven by large corporations and investors looking to take advantage of expected solid growth prospects in the broad environmental sector.

Ongoing M&As are enabling a context in which smaller independent companies active in that market are being acquired, leaving a vacuum in the pure-play space. This is creating a longer-term potential for mergers among smaller entities that will remain active in the market and will seek to be competitive.

“Despite investor interest in the ITAD and e-Cycling companies, ongoing challenges are the same we’ve seen in the recent past, including the need to aggregate aging and soon-to-be obsolete assets for decommissioning purposes in manners that make economic sense,” says Alec Gordon, Compliance Standards’ Analyst overseeing M&As and the competitive landscape.

On the end-user side, budgetary pressures have put a strain on many large organizations that consume IT equipment. As such, a growing number of IT executives and procurement managers have been looking for creative ways to extract value where none existed before, largely to contain recycling cost, and when possible, generate a return if decommissioned assets can be remarketed.

“Our report looks at the most active companies on the M&A front, what they are looking for, and profiles those involved in electronics recycling and ITAD,” says David Daoud, Managing Director and Principal Analyst at Compliance Standards LLC.

The report segments the type of players looking at a competitive position for long-term growth, from OEMs to distributors and retailers, and from reverse logistics firms to contract manufacturers. Non IT firms are from freight and transportation companies to waste collection firms.

Among the companies mentioned in the report are Waste Management Inc., SIMS, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Dell, HP, IBM GARS, Fedex, UPS, Gazelle, Outerwall, and many others.

About Compliance Standards:
Compliance Standards is a premium advisory and research service that provides consulting and market intelligence to the ITAD and electronics recycling sector and to the large corporations that use ITAD services. The company covers the critical functions of consumer and enterprise recycling and sustainability, including IT hardware, data center recycling, consumer electronics, home appliances and more. Coverage focuses on compliance issues, such as those related to data security, but also on discovering best practices, efficiency techniques, cost control practices and brand protection strategies in sustainability and recycling.

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