Nature Galapagos- Leading Galapagos Tour Guide Website Redesigned

Released on: April 09, 2014, 6:21 am (EDT)
Industry: Travel

Quito, Ecuador, April 09, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Nature Galapagos & Ecuador – one of the leading organizers of Galapagos tours, bring good news for travelers with their redesigned website. The travel agency unveiled the new look of its website recently and emphasized how the design was now more user-friendly.

The company executives showed that users can now easily find their chosen tours as more sections are added to the website. Whether prospective travelers are looking to find the Best of Galapagos Islands Cruises, Galapagos Land based Tours, Ecuador Tours or wishes to find Hotels in Galapagos; they can now easily take their pick from different packages that are neatly organized in separate sections, with a brief overview of each of the categories.

Those having made a last minute decision to opt for Galapagos tours can even check last minute deals on the website to plan their visit without any hassle. Travelers often have different criteria to choose tours and for those who decide based on the popularity of a particular package, the section marked ‘Most Popular Packages’ can come handy. This section has the packages which are arranged according to their popularity decided from the overall user feedback collected over their years of service.

Before booking Galapagos cruises or Galapagos tours, those who would like to know more about the company and check its credibility can click on the section ‘About Our Company’ to take a quick glance at what makes it stand apart from the rest. Apart from making it faster for the prospective travelers to find their desired packages, the redesigned website also makes it easy to browse different sections on mobiles and tablets. In today’s age when people often plan their holidays on the go, this mobile-friendly design ensures that they have everything at their fingertips via their mobile phones, tablets and other smart phones.

The redesigned website of Nature Galapagos & Ecuador makes it easier for customers to share their experiences via various platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are some mediums where these people can write about or share images to give others an idea of what to expect when they book their Galapagos cruises or Galapagos tours with this travel agency. Keeping a touch with the online profiles of the agency may win you an exciting offer or deal which they offer frequently for active users.

They have also introduced the official Blog for the new website which will have tons of information and latest happenings from the Galapagos Islands and the travel industry updates. Knowing about the place where you wish to go is the need of a traveler and hence, providing a one stop solution to all the needs of adventure and travel enthusiasts is the motto of this website.

The Galapagos Islands have a lot to see and explore. Therefore, it’s important for tourists to select the right travel agency that will ensure they tick all the major destinations off their list and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime soaking in the natural beauty and splendor of the region. With their redesigned website, Nature Galapagos & Ecuador has made the job of prospective travelers easy as they now have all the required information at one place to make an informed decision for their upcoming Galapagos holidays.

About the Company:
With more than 13 years of experience in the tourism field, Nature Galapagos & Ecuador Cia Ltd, is a Tours & Travel Operator, located in Quito Ecuador. Famous for their excellent service quality and customer feedback, they are deeply committed to protecting the environment and enriching travelers' experiences with the local community.

Contact-Details: Av. Diego de Vasquez N75-233y
Av Mariscal Sucre (Sector Ponciano)
Quito - Ecuado

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