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Released on: May 30, 2014, 2:06 am (EDT)
Industry: Small Business

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Why you need a responsive web design is well understood by both the customers and makers. That is why alinga has come up with unique features which automatically gives your website the desired layout on any device that you use. Here are full analysis of why you should choose a responsive web design:

New responsive design
“ Instead of developing a site for each device, a responsive site is designed to adapt to the browser size universally," thus giving a better user experience, which in turn translates your consumer to spend more time spent on your site, thus leading to higher conversion rates.” as explained by a designer at Brisbane website design Company.

Test your design.
“Responsive web design brings uniformity in your websites across all instruments. Therefore it leverage you to try anything new like different placements for a call to action or testing different shades of a color, website optimization have a big impact . One such example of website optimization is given by a brand manager at Brisbane web design company about how Microsoft raised an additional $80 million in annual revenue by just testing and implementing a specific shade of blue!"

Design every page as your homepage

"Most websites are designed from the point of view that assumes a user enters through the home page and then navigates further into the site," but the reality is 90% of the time the landing page for any website is not necessarily the home page.Therefore, you need to design the website in such a manner that whatever page a visitor lands on, key information is available and need to be looking attractive as well.

No need for separate SEO campaign
when you Have a separate desktop and mobile site, you definitely require to do separate SEO campaigns. Managing a site and its SEO campaign is far easier than managing two sites and two SEO campaigns. This is the key advantage of a responsive web design.
Responsive web design leads to Optimization of keywords in online search campaign is also helpful to search information on smartphone or desktop.

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Alinga Web Design
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