European Commission - 4th Amendment Expands REACH Authorization List

Released on: September 19, 2014, 8:03 am (EDT)
Industry: Consumer Services

Hong Kong, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- On 19 August 2014, Regulation (EU) No 895/2014 amending Annex XIV of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (1).

Nine substances from the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list were officially included in the REACH Annex XIV authorization list (2). Consequently the authorization list has been expanded from 22 to 31 substances. The decision to include N,N-Dimethylactamide (DMAC) as a 32nd substance in Annex XIV has been postponed, because of the similar intrinsic properties to N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP).

REACH Authorization List to Reduce Risks from SVHC

The aim of REACH authorisation is to assure risks from SVHC are properly controlled, and these substances are progressively replaced by safer alternative substances or technologies where these are economically and technically viable. For a substance included in Annex XIV, a "latest application date" and a "sunset date" would be given. The EU manufacturer, importer or downstream user has to apply for authorisation before latest application date. The authorization can either be granted because the risks to human health or the environment can be properly controlled or because the socioeconomic benefits outweigh the risks from using the substance. After the sunset date, the substance cannot be used on its own, in a mixture or incorporated into an article in the EU, unless an authorization for its specific use is granted. However, authorization is not required for articles imported into the EU.

A downstream user who uses a substance in Annex XIV has the following obligations:
- Ensure an authorisation for that use has been granted to you or an actor up your supply chain;
- Comply with the conditions of authorisation;
- Notify ECHA if the use of your substance is under the authorisation of an actor up the supply chain.

Nine SVHC included in REACH ANNEX XIV since August 19, 2014, are summarized in a table within the latest SafeGuards bulletin (


(1) REACH Commission Regulation (

(2) ECHA Authorization List (

About SGS REACH Services
SVHC may be introduced into various consumer products due to the complexities of both the supply chain and production process. SVHC laboratory testing ( provides reliable evidence to determine if chemical substances exist in products and information on their volume and concentration. Identifying high risk products or materials or having a test strategy can also be a smart way to ensure compliance and save costs.

For further information about the company’s REACH compliance activities, please contact an SGS expert.

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