ABC Office Announces New Broadband Video Demos

Released on = May 23, 2005, 10:32 am

Press Release Author = David Stuart / ABC Office

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = New broadband video demos offer a first in online office automation technology.

Press Release Body = KAYSVILLE, Utah, May 23, 2005 – ABC Office is a leading supplier of office automation technology via the Internet. To help customers
understand how products work, without seeing them in a brick-and-mortar building, ABC Office now offers broadband video demos. These new demos provide in-depth training, setup and operational instructions on several pieces of equipment. Any customer with a broadband connection, DSL or faster, will be able to view these now.

Purchasing products over the Internet can sometimes be difficult. Products are often hard to see and it is often hard to know if the product will work for the needed application. Being able to see a product in use and understanding how it works is critical in choosing the correct product. ABC Office is always trying to make it easier for customers to view equipment and understand how products work.

The new broadband video demos offer an on-the-fly option for viewing product in action. Most of the video demos are over 15 minutes in length and let you see
exactly how to set the machine up, use it and troubleshoot it. Customers, after viewing the demos, are usually capable of using the machine out of the box, without having any prior experience. This saves both time and needless frustration. You can view all the new live video demos by going here:

These new broadband video demos are in addition to the existing live video demos. For over a year ABC Office has given customers the chance to see office equipment live in action over the Internet. These live video demos are scheduled in advance and allow the customer to not only see the product in use, but also interact with a real salesperson. Most customers, after viewing a live video demo, are able to make
a decision on whether or not the product will work for them.

Anybody can sign up for a live video demo. No purchase is necessary and sales are not pushed. They are purely for educational purposes. You can sign up for a live video demo by going here:

If you have any questions, please call toll-free (1-800-658-8788) Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. MST. A knowledgeable customer service
representative can then assist with answering questions regarding office automation equipment and product demos. Orders may be placed securely by phone or through our secure online shopping cart.

For further information, please contact David Stuart, Marketing Supervisor of ABC Office, 1-800-658-8788,


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