Amalgamated Gold and Silver Inc Announced its San Antonio de Turiri Mine Discoveries

Released on: February 03, 2015, 3:33 pm (EST)
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Miami, FL, February 03, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The junior resource company Amalgamated Gold and Silver Inc. (Exchange OTC, Symbol: (BCHS)) performs an intensive exploration in the Latin America with the primary mission to develop the site, produce mineral resources and discover the main source thereof. At present, AGS is actively exploring La Bonanza in Mexico for gold and the Black Power concessions for gold, silver, iron ore and copper while mine and concessions have been reopened in San Antonio de Turiri in Bolivia.

More to that point, Amalgamated Gold and Silver Inc. is pleased to announce the recent discoveries unfolded on the exploration in Bolivia – San Antonio de Turiri mine in particular, confirmed by a renowned Bolivian geologist Hernan Uribe. He has comprehensively studied about the San Antonio de Turiri mine and its neighboring areas, and thus has great knowledge thereof.

Uribe’s initial report contains a satisfactory result: The 1995 Geological Survey samples were learned to be in the possession of the original geologist. While this means the findings of the 1995 Geological Survey can be asserted to be true, the projected reserves are proven as well. Uribe, moreover, visited the area only to confirm that San Antonio de Turiri mine is a remarkable property as it is brimming with world-class reserves.

AGS’s corporate philosophy is to explore, operate and generate projects in collaboration of the junior mining companies through the production. It, moreover, aims to create an excellent shareholder value through the company’s mission to acquire, explore and develop topnotch sites all throughout the Latin America. Amalgamated Gold and Silver Inc. is equipped with a team of industry professionals which keeps track of the record of successful and on the process mineral exploration and mining projects.

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