Flexibly combine kids and career: part-time solutions at SKIDATA

Released on: May 13, 2015, 3:29 pm (EDT)
Industry: Education

Grödig/Salzburg, May 13, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- At SKIDATA, working mothers can look forward to appreciation not just once a year on Mother"s Day. This Salzburg company headquartered in Grödig allows women who want to have both children and a career to enjoy a stress-free combination of family and work. They get support when starting work again after maternity leave - flexible work models and understanding of the unique challenge of doing a great job both at work and as a mother.

Return to work without obstacles

For Karin, SKIDATA employee since 1992, the combination of having children and a career works very smoothly. Her successful results are clear: she is the mother of two nearly adult children and team leader of Technical Documentation since the beginning of the year. After three years of maternity leave, starting work again with 15 hours per week and flexible time management was a huge relief. After all, kids don"t conform to parents" working times. But SKIDATA fully understands: "I always had the feeling that it is clear to my colleagues and superiors that I arrange my working hours in order to fulfill my duties as a mom," says Karin. Currently Karin is using the benefits of slightly reduced working hours but primarily wants to concentrate on her work again.

Despite her break from working, Karin never lost the connection to SKIDATA: "I was always invited to Christmas parties and also kept in close contact with my colleagues during my three-year maternity leave."

SKIDATA celebrates Mother"s Day

In honor of Mother"s Day, SKIDATA invited mothers in the company to a small event: our colleagues enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with plenty of opportunities to talk with each other and company updates for mothers on maternity leave. This way, neither contact with your team nor contact with the job is lost. Children were also warmly welcomed to our Mother"s Day celebration and had plenty of fun designing their own ski tickets.

You can find job openings in various departments at SKIDATA here: http://www.skidata.com/en/career/open-positions.html

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Untersbergstraße 40
5083 Grödig/Salzburg
+43 6246 888-0

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