MBMA Group LLC Announces the Anticipated Release on Hall of Fame Coach Marian Washington, titled "Way to Work" by author Dr. Michele Reillo

Released on: June 08, 2015, 5:48 am (EDT)
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Atlanta, GA, June 08, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- BOOK TITLE- Way to Work: Legendary Coach Marian Washington and her Landmark Success of Title IX, a Retrospective Phenomenology

Way to Work is a compelling piece that chronicles the extraordinary success of Coach Marian Washington despite her environment, of systematic racism and sexism.

BMA GROUP LLC, the Atlanta based boutique publisher, has remained dedicated to creativity, education and awareness with the latest release by author Michele R. Reillo, PhD titled Way to Work: Legendary Coach Marian Washington and her Landmark Success of Title IX, a Retrospective Phenomenology.

BOOK DESCRIPTION - Against insurmountable odds, Coach Marian Washington exceled on the court, triumphed as a coach and contributed to the enactment of the civil rights law dubbed Title IX. The greatest challenge of Title IX was not in the passage of the law, but in the implementation.
Way to Work presents Coach Washington's plight to achieve equality for women in athletics illuminated against historical highlights to define the enormity of her triumph in making Title IX a lifelong reality for all women in sport.

Michele R. Reillo is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Reillo received her baccalaureate in nursing from the University of Maryland, her master’s degree in gerontology and her doctorate in education from Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Dr. Reillo is a pioneer in hyperbaric medicine and HIV/AIDS. Over the course of thirty years, she has authored several books and numerous professional research publications, including the applauded title AIDS Under Pressure.

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For more information about WAY TO WORK, please visit mbmagroup.com or contact Tiffany Brunson at 516-564-3642.

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