ELLADA LANE Launches with a New Luxury Subscription Service from Greece

Released on: August 25, 2015, 6:00 am (EDT)
Industry: Retail

Athens, Greece, August 25, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Unique boutique products selectively chosen to unravel the beauties of Greece.

ELLADA LANE, a startup offering a premiere luxury subscription service for Greek boutique products, announced the launch of its new website and opened its doors to members.

ELLADA LANE is one of the newest luxury subscription-box services making an entrance in the market siding with startups such as Monthlyexpress or Birchbox.

Toiletries and global beauty products are being replaced here: nothing inside one of ELLADA LANE’s highly curated boxes can be found in the aisles of your local drugstore.

Boutique products will be curated each time from different parts of Greece. The first parcel is created in Santorini and the Cyclades Islands. Unique products chosen individually, with sole purpose to travel the owner to the beauty of each location.

The parcel will be shipped every other month and each delivery is distinct from the next. With every delivery, the products included will vary in the range of beauty, accessories, home and food, always highlighting the region from which they are chosen.

Unlike other subscription services which only offer users samples, each ELLADA LANE parcel comes filled with full-sized and limited edition products.

On the topic of launching the startup in the current economical climate in Greece, the Founder has attributed that one of the incentives of this venture is the support of local brands and businesses as well.

“Now is exactly the time to showcase Greek boutique products, invite members to enjoy and indulge in the journey's of these creations and experience the Luxury and quality products that Greek companies and brands have to offer, says Stavros Prodromou.

ELLADA LANE is now accepting sign-ups on their website just in time for their October shipment. The parcels are currently available in single membership, month to month or six month subscription.

The Team is exhilarated and highly secretive about what is in store for their debut October 2015 box Vol.1 ‘ Dreaming of Santorini and the Cyclades’, making sure the surprise strikes effectively on those who choose to 'travel' with a Santorini box). The only revelation allowed, is that Unique Accessories, creams sourced from exotic locations and handmade jewellery are just a few of the items that members can savor in their premiere shipment.

ELLANA LANE is a membership-based subscription service offering luxurious parcels of unique boutique products, delivered every other month. Members can discover boutique, hard-to-find, and even limited-supply high-end products from shops and brands from Greece with each shipment. ELLADA LANE gives members the opportunity for a little escape and dreaming of beautiful parts of Greece. For more information and to sign up for membership, visit ELLADA LAE online at http://www.elladalane.com They can be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/elladalane and on Twitter at @elladalane

Contact-Details: info@elladalane.com

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