Released on: November 5, 2015, 10:13 am (EST)
Industry: Healthcare

Dubai, U.A.E., November 5, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Elite Age Management latest package to complement Health Screening programmes at Eternity Medicine in order to offer patients more specialised services.

As our lifestyles have changed over the last decade, so have our health situations. Vulnerable to more diseases than ever, we are being crippled by their effects as we neglect our health and signs of any form of abnormalities. In an effort to combat this, booking of a regular health screening was encouraged although still, despite best efforts people are still not making use of this facility as much as they should. Eternity Medicine however, have recently introduced a special package into their health screening options which includes a host of new tests and screenings which will be highly beneficial when going in for a check-up. Some of these tests include hormone screening, cell health, toxins, food intolerance and allergy testing to name a few. It also includes the full executive screening which makes this a highly worthwhile option to select especially if you need specialised tests done.

A health screening is capable of detecting problems in health early on, which means treatment can be administered in a timely and prompt manner. Early detection can even save lives although there are some exceptions depending on the circumstances. However, a large percentage of people have saved themselves a lot of time, money and of course their health through periodical screenings and it is widely available although thorough research into the clinics and doctors that offer them is recommended. When selecting a health screening package such as Eternity Medicine’s Elite Age Management, you will have access to their wide network of physicians all over the world during an emergency if necessary. These are important factors as sometimes you would need specialist attention which not all health screenings have on offer.

‘A health screening of any type is of course one of the best things one can do for themselves, and at Eternity Medicine we strongly believe that because our patient’s well-being is our number one priority. However, as a team we felt that our packages were not offering as much as they could; there was more potential there, given our strong network of some of the most qualified and experienced physicians positioned around the globe. We are always able to get a second opinion on a matter if need be, and we also wanted to establish a system in place for those times when time is of the essence and we need fast answers. This package includes a range of tests which are not offered with other health screening options and also includes all the options offered in our executive health screening package.’ – Yasmine Shahlavi, Health & Fitness

Eternity Medicine is a leader in its field in offering some of the most comprehensive medical packages including options for an all-round health screening. With a presence in countries such as the U.S., U.A.E. and Portugal, they are well-equipped with some of the best contacts in the medical world. They are also able to offer a wide variety of services and recommend a second opinion if need be thanks to this facility. They also have health screening options specific for maternity, children and so on making them targeted screenings which are highly useful.

To book an appointment or for a chat, click or you can find them at Ground Floor, K.G. Tower, Marsa, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can also call
them on +971-4-450-8181.


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