McKenzie Scott Partners Opens New Location in Southern California

Released on = August 17, 2005, 10:23 am

Press Release Author = Paul Mills

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = McKenzie Scott Partners The World Leader in Executive Career Management Opens New Location in Costa Mesa, Orange County - California

Press Release Body = Denver, CO - August 8, 2005 - About McKenzie Scott Partners - Over The Past 7 Years, With a $20 Million Investment in Technology, McKenzie Scott Has Become America's Premier Personal Marketing Firm.

The Mission of McKenzie Scott. Each year millions of professionals and executives decide to look for new jobs. In the past, this experience has typically been full of trial and error... and often involved strain, worry and disappointment. McKenzie Scott's mission is to continuously pioneer new technology and staffing resources that will make searching for new jobs an easier, faster and more effective experience. We are a values-driven company focused on continuous
improvement through innovation, and are deeply committed to superior service in all of our operations.

Our Beginnings. A group of seasoned executives were among the founders of our firm. With an entirely new concept, they attracted other experienced professionals who are now major shareholders. The collective wisdom they possess from managing tens of thousands of successful searches is considerable. With over a $20 million investment in technology, McKenzie Scott has dedicated itself to
making available the world's finest resources and marketing assistance.

We Have Served Both Corporations and Individuals. The firm initially focused on bringing high-value services to corporate clients. Early in our development we served such firms as Cendant, Citigroup, Eaton, Ingersoll, Johnson Controls, Kellogg, Novartis, StorageTek and hundreds of others. Five years ago, individual demand for our services became so great that we expanded our practice to private
professionals. This practice has grown dramatically since its inception. Each year our clients come from many countries... and at incomes from $60,000 to $1,000,000+.

Our Technology. This distinguishes the firm, and has been a driving force behind our growth. The company uses custom technological applications to facilitate all of its client service operations. This includes our one-of-a-kind capability for connecting clients to every segment of the job market--and the openings, leads, contacts and information they require. The firm also utilizes its own software to
determine industry options, to market people to employers, and to ensure an unsurpassed level of quality control.

Our Locations. Our regional centers are throughout the U.S. Our National Center is in Denver, Colorado, where we maintain an extraordinary depth of staff. Importantly, because of the types of resources we make available, people can take advantage of them... with or without a need to visit our offices.

Our People and What We Believe In. Our staff includes hundreds of men and women, professionals from many disciplines... former CEOs, CFOs, IT managers, military officers, attorneys, educators, HR professionals, marketing executives and others. Our goal is continuous improvement through innovation and superior
service in all aspects of our client operations.


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