Death's Destiny My Body for His Soul

Released on = October 10, 2005, 1:33 pm

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Press Release Summary = Death's Destiny My Body for His Soul is sweeping the literary industry. Our youth is being attached by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This book will shock them in to reality and help them see that sex is overated and underestimated.

Press Release Body = Death's Destiny My Body for His Soul

Jordan was every woman’s desire and every man’s nightmare. Destiny was young and filled with innocence. Jordan fell in love with that innocence. She fell in love with the fact that he was her first. How could a girl barely old enough to vote captivate a man every woman had tried to trap? She wanted to be a prominent Judge by age thirty and he just wanted to still be alive. She tried to teach him all that she knew about the real world, but somehow ended up being the student. The question is will they live to tell the story? Go with Author Jewel Cherise as she takes you on a journey of love deceit and the hustling of the streets. When the story is over you will be left saying “This could have been me.”

Jewel Cherise was born in Baltimore Maryland. Jewel currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. She began writing poems at the tender age of seven. She started the Publishing Company “SOTERIA PUBLISHING” in the year 2004.

Jewel is the CEO and founder of “CHILDREN LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS HAVE A DREAM” Jewel’s writing ability has been described as “THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU” i.e.“REALITY”. Jewel Cherise was given the title “THE QUEEN OF REALITY FICTION” by Author, Playwright and Domestic Violence Advocate Ms. Tonya Blount.

In the near future you may look for novels written by Jewel Cherise dealing with but not limited to child molestation, rape and domestic violence.

$16.95 US
$21.95 Can
ISBN: 0-9767001-0-7
Soteria Publishing 2004

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Soteria Publishing


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