New Book Claims Solomon's Temple Never Existed

Released on = October 14, 2005, 9:55 am

Press Release Author = Jenny Carradice/Pendulum

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Press Release Summary = A startling new book, Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed, by author Philip Gardiner, claims that Solomon's Temple not only didn't exist, but in fact had a much deeper significance.

Press Release Body = Writer and researcher Philip Gardiner recently stunned the reading public with his Holy Grail revelations in The Serpent Grail and now is stunning a whole new audience with these new Biblical discoveries. With flack from the Catholic Church already growing, Gardiner, an agnostic, is not out to bring down the beliefs of millions, but simply to get to the truth, at least that's what he
claims. But in this new book, Gardiner shows that Solomon's Temple was in fact a metaphor for a deeper and ancient psychology with far reaching ramifications.

Millions of Christian, Masons, Jews and other interested parties are fighting to have control of the sacred spot where the fabled Solomon built his Temple and yet, if they all came to this unique realisation that it did not indeed exist in the first place, then thousands of lives could in fact be saved. So goes the argument from Gardiner's side.

More information on this remarkable book can be found on the web, as Gardiner is free and open with his discoveries and even modern day Gnostics are applauding his approach with one organisation stating:

"Gardiner possess that rare ability to weave history, mythology and spiritual tradition into writing that is both understandable and enjoyable to those out of the gnostic loop, as well as to steadfast Initiates. His source material is irreproachable and intentions totally above board. GNOSIS contains a wealth of information worthy of Frazer, Blavatsky and Crowley—minus those writers’ ponderous
style (Frazer), mystification (Blavatsky), and idiosyncrasy (Crowley)."

Gardiner is currently touring promoting his books with speeches, lectures and interviews across the world. For more information go to



ISBN: 1904126049

Paperback: Price £14.95, $29.95 (US) 300 pages

Available from or here direct.

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