Logistics Today Launches Online Forums

Released on = August 8, 2006, 11:42 am

Press Release Author = Penton Media- Logistics Today

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Share your Thoughts, Problems and Solutions, with the
Logistics Community

Press Release Body = CLEVELAND, OHIO - August 8, 2006 - Logistics Today has launched
its brand new online forums! If you\'re new to online forums, after completing a very
simple registration process, the website allows registered users to post questions,
offer gripes and opinions, send feedback on Logistics Today articles, and tell the
logistics community anything that might be on your mind.

A community is only as strong as its members, so register today!

Here is a quick glimpse of what is currently being discussed:
Is Logistics Education Necessary?
Is there value in earning one of the many certifications offered in the logistics
field? If you have a certificate from ISM, AST&L, DNA, has it helped your career? If
you hire, does it help the candidate?

Where\'s the truck?
Academics, consultants, and forecasters say the capacity crunch in truckload isn\'t
improving. Meanwhile, carriers are buying trucks at a pace that exceeds the
replacement rate. Is the crunch real or is this just an excuse for carriers to
\"cherry-pick\" freight and push rate increases?

U.S. Logistics Infrastructure Gridlock
The challenges of your June article, \"Time is not on our side,\" are right on target
because our national economy, as well as our national defense, is crashing and
burning now because our supply of transportation services is unable to effectively
meet demand. You cite a probably 30% increase of inbound containers by 2009, and the
doubling in 10 years. If anything, your numbers may be conservative; America will
experience more and more logistics grid lock.

The Logistics Today Forums are easy to use. You can view any of the postings without
registration. You must register to post a new thread or reply, but registration is
easy and free!

Click here to start reading!

About Logistics Today
Logistics Today ( www.logisticstoday.com ) is published monthly and is circulated to
about 85,000 logistics professionals at medium to large manufacturing and
distribution companies across several sectors, primarily industrial products,
consumer goods, transportation services, high-tech, food and beverage, chemicals and
pharmaceuticals, and automotive. Logistics Today provides the right mix of
strategic, forward-looking news, analysis and research to help you develop
best-in-class supply chains.

Web Site = http://forums.logisticstoday.com

Contact Details = Carrie Drozdz

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