Hump Pilot And War Hero, Lt Colonel Caldwell Powell, Passes Away

Released on = March 12, 2007, 10:31 am

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Press Release Summary = Lt Colonel Caldwell Powell, one of the last surviving Hump
Pilots, passes away at home in California. Highly decorated, he was awarded the
Legion of Merit and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Press Release Body = Lt Colonel Caldwell Newton (C.N.) Powell, one of the last
remaining true U.S. Air Force pilots, passed away late in the evening of October

He passed away peacefully at the home of his daughter, Sharon Hunt, where he had
been residing for the last two and half years.

Lt Colonel is survived by his wife of almost 60 years, Rubye, and grandchildren Dane
and Ashlee Yates who were at his bedside.

"For the past several years he had suffered from a brain tumor and cancer, yet
through of all his ills he never complained. He must have been in pain, but was more
concerned about others than about himself," states his daughter Sharon Hunt.

"Care givers and nursing staff always commented on how he greeted everybody with a
big smile and a hearty "thank you" when they left."

Col. Powell was a national hero and dedicated his life to his country and the
pursuit of democracy and freedom. His Air Force career was rich and spanned over 30
years. He was a pilot, and during W.W.II flew many missions over the "China, Burma,
India Hump," served during the Korean War, and three tours of duty in Vietnam.

Highly decorated with numerous medals and service awards Col Powell also received
the Legion Of Merit and the Distinguished Flying Cross. The Distinguished Flying
Cross medal is awarded to any officer who distinguishes himself or herself in combat
in support of operations by \"heroism or extraordinary achievement while
participating in an aerial flight."

Service to his country included training in the Astronaut Candidate Program, and
participation in top secret undercover missions.

After retiring from the Air Force as Commander In Chief of Air Services for Lockheed
in 1972, he went on to a successful career as Quality Control Engineer for ATI in
Sunnyvale CA for 15 years. ATI was a provider of advanced signal processing systems,
products, and services in support of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.
Col. Powell\'s career with ATI once again placed him in the unique position of
helping to protect his country against foreign military and terrorist threats.

Colonel Powell married the love of his life, Rubye Patricia Love, from Devine, Texas
on January 3, 1947. "C.N. and Pat," lived in many places during their years
together, including Japan and Hawaii. The family moved to rural Alta Loma, CA in
1968. In 1996, C.N. and Pat moved to Air Force Village in San Antonio, Texas.
Wanting to be closer to their family, they returned to California in 2004.

Colonel Powell graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.A. Degree, and from the
University of Redlands with a M.A. degree.

Col. Powell is survived by his wife Rubye, his daughter and her husband, Sharon and
Keith Hunt; his son Craig, San Francisco, CA; his beloved grandchildren Dane and
Ashlee Yates; grandchildren Caitlin and Ian Powell; and granddaughter Elisabeth
Posey Ford, and great-grandchildren Chris and Megan Ford, Hebron, KY.

"Through his service, my father helped a nation full of people that never knew him,
or never knew what he contributed to our country. Modest in his exploits and
achievements he asked for nothing in return. My hero really was a hero."

"He is flying his last mission home, but this time he has a different wingman,"
concludes Sharon Hunt.

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