Investor Audio Podcast Reviews Performance of Homeland Defense and Security Stocks in Light of Current Events in Iraq and Funding Battle between President Bush and Congress

Released on = May 10, 2007, 7:26 pm

Press Release Author = Econ Corporate Services, Inc

Industry = Defense

Press Release Summary = Scott Sacknoff, Manger of SPADE Defense Index (AMEX: DXS)
Discusses Leading Gainers: Armor Holdings, Force Protection and Security and
Biometrics Firms Cogent, L-1 Identity Solutions, and OSI Systems

Press Release Body = POINT ROBERTS, Wash., DELTA, B.C. - May 10, 2007 -, a global investor and industry portal for the
homeland defense and security sector, presents the SPADE Defense Index Investor
Podcast. This month's interview with Scott Sacknoff, manager of the SPADE Defense
Index (AMEX: DXS), discusses the performance of homeland defense and security stocks
in light of current events in Iraq and the funding battle between President Bush and

Homeland Defense stocks have performed better than the broad market explains
Sacknoff. "As you may remember, we finished 2006 up more than 19%, having beat the
S&P 500 for the seventh consecutive year. Through the end of April, the SPADE
Defense Index was up 8.88% closing out an all-time high. The run has continued in
the early days of May with the index rising another 2%, bringing the gain in the
index up to 11.2%. This compares to a gain in the S&P500 of 6.15%. What this means
is that year-to-date, the defense and security sector has outperformed the broader
markets by more than 500 basis points."

Many of the top gainers included in the Spade Defense Index are in the 2.5 billion
to 7 billion dollar range, with Iraq being a key factor in the success of many firms
involved in supplying the military. "As would be expected, firms involved with the
armored vehicles used in Iraq, such as Armor Holdings and Force Protection, have
done well with the firms up 30% and 24% respectively. Defense IT firms such as CACI,
SI International, Mantech, and MTC Technologies continue to lag the index as the
Pentagon shifts monies from R&D and investment programs to fund the war in Iraq. The
Big 5 defense prime systems contractors are all up in the 4-7% range."

"Precision Castparts, which has expanded to feed demand from commercial aircraft
manufactures such as Boeing is up 33% for the year. The rest of the leading gainers
include security and biometrics firms, Cogent, L-1 Identity Solutions, and OSI
Systems, as well as two mid-cap companies, Goodrich, and FLIR Systems," adds

Moving forward Iraq will continue to be the main point of discussion within the
homeland security sector and the battle over the budget will also remain a key
debate as the President seeks additional funding for the war and Congress pressures
for an exit date.

According to Mr. Sacknoff, "One option, which appears the most likely outcome, is
that the Democrats in Congress will approve a smaller amount of funding without a
deadline and force the President to continue to make pitches to Congress for
additional funds. This way the debate continues to stay at the forefront, Congress
can show that it is supporting the troops while working on a means to get the troops
home. In the end, what the pundits feel may happen is that should the President's
popularity continue to weaken, Republican members of Congress may break from the
President as their re-election approaches."
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