GenNext Priority 1™ VoIP Solutions Launched Worldwide


Released on = June 21, 2007, 10:54 pm

Press Release Author = Henry T Cochran

Industry = Electronics

Press Release Summary = SoHo Network and VoIP solution from GenNext delivers ultimate quality on free telephone calls using the Internet.

Press Release Body = Shenzhen, PR China. June 22, 2007 – GenNext Technology, Ltd. (GenNext) today announced that its new GenNext Priority 1™ network and VoIP solution for the Small office/Home office (SoHo) market is available for sale worldwide. GenNext Priority 1 includes:

1. a wireless router switch with Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure that your VoIP calls get the bandwidth they need no matter what else is happening on your network,

2. a dual mode Skype™/PSTN cordless phone so that you can have both Skype and POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) in one device and have freedom of movement while you are talking, and

3. an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with local monitoring to ensure that it is always ready to protect your equipment from power spikes and to pick up the load should you experience a power outage so that you don't lose any valuable data.

“I had this idea several years ago,” said Harry Cochran, CEO of GenNext, “but overcoming the QoS problem on an affordable router was just too difficult back then and Skype didn't have enough users to force the issue. Now there are over 100 million Skype accounts and with the GenNext Priority 1 you can get great calling quality even when there is other activity on your network.”

GenNext will sell the GenNext Priority 1 solution for the SoHo market through a distributor network on a global scale,” said Lei Xia, VP of Sales of GenNext. “Delivering all of the features of our solution at an affordable price is a real breakthrough.”

Our GenNext Priority 1 solution solves three major problems that have plagued the SoHo market for VoIP from the beginning. First, we have created an inexpensive wireless router switch with Quality of Service so that no matter what is happening on your network, we can deliver the best possible VoIP phone experience to you using Skype. Second, we have been able to include in our solution a low cost uninterruptible power supply that can be monitored to ensure it is always ready to keep you online and protect your equipment. Finally, by delivering a high-quality, Skype™/PSTN cordless phone at an affordable price, we have been able to overcome all of the obstacles older solutions using analog phones have in order to deliver great VoIP quality.

About GenNext Technology, Ltd.
GenNext Technology, Ltd. is a Network and VoIP solution provider founded in July 2004 and registered as a Hong Kong corporation, with principal offices in Shenzhen, China. The GenNext Priority 1 solution for the SoHo market guarantees that you get the best quality possible for your Skype calls because they get “Priority 1.” The company's headquarters are located at Room B, 2nd Floor, Building 10 Maquelin Industry Zone, Shenzhen High-Tech Park, Shenzhen, PRC 518038. For more details please visit our Web site at

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GenNext Priority 1™ VoIP 解决方案登陆全球


2007622日,中国深圳-杰林科技有限公司(以下简称“杰林”)今天宣布将在全球销售新推出的面向小型公司/住家公司(SoHo)市场的GenNext Priority 1™网络和VoIP解决方案。GenNext Priority 1包括: 

  1. 提供服务质量 (QoS)的无线路由器交换机,确保你的VoIP在何种网络情况下通话都得到所需的带宽;

  1. 双模Skype™/PSTN无绳电话,一台设备上具备SkypePOTS(普通通话服务)两种模式,自由移动,轻松通话;

  1. 带有本地监控功能的不间断电源(UPS)确保在断电情况下保护你的设备,在停电时仍然不会丢失重要数据。

多年以前我就有这样的设想了,”杰林的CEOHarry Cochran先生说,“但是那时依赖一台价格适中的路由器克服服务质量问题是很困难的,而且Skype没有足够的用户支撑。现在Skype有超过1亿用户,有了GenNext Priority 1你可以在网络任何情况下得到良好的通话质量。” 

杰林将通过全球范围的代理商网络将GenNext Priority 1解决方案销售给SoHo市场,”公司的销售副董夏磊先生说,“把我们解决方案需要的全部功能控制在合理的价格空间是一项巨大突破。”

我们的GenNext Priority 1解决方案解决了从一开始就困扰使用VoIPSoHo市场的3个主要问题。首先,我们已经生产了价格适中、高服务质量的无线路由器交换机,因此,无论你的网络出现何种状况,使用Skype我们都能提供尽可能最佳的VoIP通话质量。其次,我们将一台成本低廉、可以监控的UPS包含在解决方案中,随时保护你的设备,确保你的正常工作。最后,通过价格适中、质量可靠的Skype™/PSTN无线电话,我们克服了使用模拟电话的旧式解决方案为提供良好VoIP质量的全部障碍。


关于杰林科技有限公司是一家在香港注册的网络和VoIP解决方案提供商公司,20047月成立,总部设在中国深圳。面向SoHo市场的GenNext Priority 1解决方案保障你的Skype通话拥有最佳的质量。公司的总部地址是深圳市高新区中区(西)M-102B区(518057)。要了解详情,请登录我们的网站