Released on = July 19, 2007, 5:44 am

Press Release Author = Michael Hein

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Welcome to BlueBroadcast, the new Bluetooth marketing

Press Release Body = Step by Step Usage Example
Install a bluetooth dongle on your pc or laptop.
Install the blue broadcaster software
Create a video, jpeg or gif file containing your advert
Put your website URL and sales telephone number in the business card form
Find a busy place with lots of mobile phones
Click the send button and watch the counter clocking up succesfull deliveries
You can literally set the software to send out your advert to anyone in the
proximity who happens to pass by. This is as amazing as it sounds. We are the first
company to offer this capability in an instant download of bluetooth marketing

Be one of the first companies to utilise this amazing new marketing mechanism, soon
the masses will follow as this software will without a shadow of a doubt be
purchased and used by many in the months to come.

Web Site =

Contact Details =

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