Breast Cancer Conquered Without Toxic Drugs


Released on = July 30, 2007, 6:50 am

Press Release Author = Gabe Bartha

Industry = Healthcare

Press Release Summary = New website provides information on treatments that selectively target cancer cells

Press Release Body = The recent discovery of an Italian oncologist and research scientist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini of Rome, enabled him to develop a procedure that produces spectacular results in treating breast cancer.

Combined with another protocol developed at an oncological clinic in Oklahoma, the treatment takes advantage of recent advances in cancer research, and of the discovery of Dr. Simoncini. He calls the medical community's attention to the fact that every cancer cell has a fungus within it that is driving the cell's fermentation-based metabolism. He believes that in the case of cancer, "we are looking at a very sick cell within which lives a very healthy microbe". Dr. Simoncini also discovered that pharmaceutical-grade sodium bicarbonate is a superb fungus killer. He has proven his theory by eliminating tumors in hundreds of cancer patients, some of them terminal cases.

Two FDA-approved substances have been found to be capable of "potentiating" anti-cancer medication to selectively target cancer cells. Combining them with anti-fungal and anti-cancer drugs, breast cancer can be dealt with without toxicity and without any side effects.

A new website, called, authored by Canadian journalist and medical data researcher Gabe Bartha, is devoted to the detailed description of a number of therapies based on the Simoncini/Oklahoma concept, and on the principle of selective targeting of cancer cells.

The website also examines a fascinating field where breakthrough innovations have recently been introduced: The detection and monitoring of breast cancer. There is a gentle, non-invasive method that can detect cancer formation in the breast 8-10 years before it shows up in any standard test. It is FDA approved and available all over the country, yet very few women are aware of it. On top of it, there is a new, inexpensive over-the-counter device available that enables a woman to perform breast palpation at home, any number of times, and without any discomfort or side effects. The device is able to detect a lump of the size of a grain of sugar.

The astounding truth is, writes Bartha at the website, that we have arrived at the stage where breast cancer patients are not killed by the disease, but by their, and their doctors', lack of information. This view, he adds, is supported by overwhelming clinical evidence.

Further information is available at Mr. Bartha can be contacted from the CONTACT page of the website.

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