2000 Jobs Up For Grabs - New Proposed Factory for Ayess Moves Forward.

Released on = September 14, 2004, 9:32 am

Press Release Author = Clare Troiani - Freelance

Press Release Summary =

$300 Million U.S Factory Location Search underway. An estimated 2000 New factory jobs plus 600 other ancillary jobs nationwide, Production of one million low cost
housing units
for the poor.

Press Release Body = Ayess Industries International is now reviewing initial offers from many States and Cities that have showed an interest in hosting it’s estimated $300 million U.S. factory which is estimated to create upward of 2000 new jobs
directly and an additional 600+ assembly support jobs nationwide. This factory site
review marks the company’s next step for moving forward on it’s press release made back on Aug 1st, 2004. Until now, no real cost effective solution has ever been
devised to finally eliminate homelessness in North America and all at a cost less than what is currently being spent annually on the problem.

Ayess plans on using several of its patents & patent pending technologies it has developed and purchased for its primary business lines in the National Security Sector within the proposed factory which would allow it to produce private, secure housing units at the lowest cost in the developed world.

Ayess has hired outside consultants that have put several financial models together
that show the Factory, once built and shipping it’s finished product, will finally allow, for the first time in history, cities and towns across North America to see a reduction in annual expenditures that go directly to helping the homeless. The Ayess
solution is the most cost effective real solution that will actually give the homeless their own address which will then allow cities to pay less than what is being spent now on supportive housing. At the same time it reduces exposure to health, social services and judicial costs as those resident in the Ayess complexes will be able to qualify for Federal and State support services that were simply not
available without a physical address.

This project will snowball the effect and help all those groups who also are helping the homeless get off the street. Ayess has stated that in the future the focus of those groups will be more for support with Drug/Alcohol abuse, Family planning, Education and Job search. We truly do look forward to working with these groups. In
fact we have also included a research and development sector within the factory where meetings will take place with these groups in order to allow for the proper transformation of people from the streets or homeless shelters to the concept of having real private shelter.

Ayess has received several expressions of interest to date from communities wishing to host the new proposed factory and expects that many more will come in over the next few weeks.

Contact Information

Ayess Industries International
P.O. Box 595911, Fort Gratiot, MI 48059

Ayess Industries International
2044 Wilaurie Ct. ,Sarnia, Ontario, N7X 1G7

Website: www.ayess.com
Fax: 1 - 514 - 371 - 6176

Web Site = http://www.ayess.com

Contact Details = P.O. Box 595911, Fort Gratiot, MI 48059
Fax: 1 - 514 - 371 - 6176

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