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Released on: October 31, 2007, 5:14 pm

Press Release Author: FPGA Team

Industry: Semiconductors

Press Release Summary: FPGA Central, the world\'s 1st FPGA portal, announced a better
way to know WHAT, WHERE and WHEN about FPGA events & FPGA Conferences.

Press Release Body: FPGA Central, the world\'s 1st FPGA portal, announced a better
way to know WHAT, WHERE and WHEN about FPGA events & FPGA Conferences.

All the FPGA users sometime or the other have found ourselves searching the internet
for FPGA related events, and we know its not easy...

Well not anymore, FPGA Central event calendar (www.fpgacentral.com/event) is a one
stop destination for all the FPGA related events or FPGA conferences around the
world. The event listings are in a monthly calendar view which makes it very simple
and organized. But if the user doesn't want to browse all the listings they can also
view them in weekly or one-day conferences or workshops. To know the details the
user simply has to \"click\" on the event.

The FPGA Event Calendar (http://www.fpgacentral.com/event) not only gives you the
Date, Venue and Details about the FPGA event, FPGA Conference or FPGA Seminar but
also helps you in registering for it. The events are rated and commented by the
users who have previously attended them, which gives others a good idea what to
expect. You can also bookmark events with Digg, Facebook, del.icio.us, Google,
Reddit, etc.

\"Until now there were one or two website which would have few listings, for others
people just have to surf regularly to company websites and small events go
unnoticed...but not anymore\" says Vikram Singh, FPGA Central spokesman. \"We provide
list of all the events & Conferances related to FPGA be it small or big, giving
users more choices and flexibility to choose what they would like to attend.\"

FPGA Event Calendar can now be filtered according to conferences, online trainings,
webcasts or instructor-lead trainings, which means if the user just wants to know
the detail about scheduled webcast in the month simply filter it by selecting the
option and rest of the events will not appear on the screen.

If you are a registered user you can also add events of your company or conferences
you are going to or workshops you want share with others. It is also possible to add
photograph of the events. To add events go to www.fpgacentral.com/node/add/event

More and more people visit to FPGA Central everyday....are you one of them? And
while you are there do not forget to check out other features like FPGA Webcasts
(www.fpgacentral.com/webcasts), FPGA Forum s(www.fpgacentral.com/forum), FPGA Vendor
Listing (www.fpgacentral.com/vendor/directory), FPGA Product Listing, FPGA IP
catalog (www.fpgacentral.com/ip/catalog), FPGA EDA Tools catalog
(www.fpgacentral.com/eda-tools/catalog), FPGA News and Press Releases and more.

About FPGA Central:
FPGA Central is the world\'s 1st FPGA Portal. It is created to provide a central
place for FPGA Vendors & Users to share experiences and information about FPGA
Design, Development, Verification, Validation, Process, Tools and Products. For more
information visit FPGA Central website at www.fpgacentral.com or email \"info at

Web Site: http://www.fpgaCentral.com

Contact Details: Vikram Singh
FPGA Central
San Jose, California, USA

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