All earning statistics at your browser with MoneyQuake

Released on: December 26, 2007, 4:33 am

Press Release Author: Seoquake Team

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Extension displays your earning statistics from Pay Per Click
and Adv systems

Press Release Body: We're glad to introduce you the new serviсe from Seoquake
developers - MoneyQuake Firefox extension.
This extension displays your earning statistics from different Pay Per Click and
advertisment systems. It's wery convinient for webmasters, using different ways to
earn money in the Web. Installing this addon you can receive all data from different
advertisment and PPC systems at once. Now all data will be in your browser. And
you'll not need to check out you billings at different web sites.
At a writing of extension greater work has been done. In general, difficulties
emerged because of various program features of partner systems. To connect systems
to extension would be much easier at xml availability, however and for today
extension successfully works with such known systems, as:

 Google Adsense
 UmaxSearch
 PeakClick
 Buckster
 SoftwareProfit
 AdultAdsCash
 KlikVip
 AdultFriendFinder

It is necessary to note, that if the partner program will have statistics in the xml
form, we'll be glad to add this system in our list of supported systems first of
all. It is possible to get to know with those simple technical requirements in
special section of a site
In the addon preferences you can choose systems you need, type in you login and
password in system and add system in the accounts list. After this all data will be
available from your browser. Also you can set the updating interval from 10 minutes
to 12 hours.
You can add, edit and delete systems at any time and see all data by one click at
the extension. Download this addon you can at
Extension is free.
To add other systems to extension, send your applications for the, we necessarily shall consider them and try to take into account
all your wishes.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: 196084, SPb, a/я 308, St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Phone Number:

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