Defense Contractors Must Recognize the Only Constant is Change

Released on: January 21, 2008, 12:17 pm

Press Release Author: David Gulati

Industry: Defense

Press Release Summary: David Gulati discusses changes in defense technology over the

Press Release Body: As Fidelity Technologies Corp. celebrates its 20th anniversary,
we reflect on the changes that have occurred since our company began working with
the Department of Defense in 1988, when it was a very different world for our

As our young company was opening its doors at a former knitting mill in eastern
Pennsylvania, countries around the world seemed to finally be gravitating toward
peace. The Soviets were withdrawing from Afghanistan. The Cold War was on its last
leg, and peace was declared between Iran and Iraq.

There seemed to be a common perception that "enough was enough," as countries
concentrated their efforts on entering our modern-day global economy. This mood was
evident in the contracts our company was receiving from the armed forces. With no
active war to speak of, we were being asked to manufacture components to maintain
and upgrade defense assets, such as upgrade kits for the entire fleet of A-10
aircraft and power distribution units for Bradley tanks.

Today, Fidelity Technologies operates out of a 78,000-square-foot headquarters in
Reading, Pa., with 30 domestic field offices and representatives stationed
worldwide. Through our four divisions, we now supply the military in a way we could
never have anticipated in 1988 America.

Our company elevated itself to become high-tech, serving a military focused on a
mandate to respond to 9/11. Our soldiers have become highly-trained and
technologically-savvy. Gone are the days when live field exercises and table-top
role-playing was sufficient military training. Simulators now play a vital role in
the constructive training of our soldiers.

Due to the ongoing demand for the best and latest equipment, Fidelity evolved to
build intricate and complex simulators for a new generation of war fighters.

As so much has changed, it is a daunting task for Fidelity Technologies to look into
the future and anticipate what will happen next. Like you, we continually hear about
the constant threats to our national security and the emphasis on the global war on

Our military recognizes it must be prepared for anything, and so do the defense
contractors who serve the armed forces.

What we have learned from our experience is that we must remain flexible, anticipate
and welcome new technologies. We must accept the fact that next year's business plan
could quickly become obsolete, based on political and military strife worldwide.

As we move to the next chapter of our company, the military, as a result of lessons
learned in the theaters of war, is turning to defense contractors to build exclusive
equipment that can be quickly introduced on the battlefield.

In response, we recently unveiled a simulation training system for the Joint
Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), a soldier who communicates with command and air
and ground forces to coordinate defense missions.

The simulation trainer, which JTACs can use for rehearsing skills and missions, is
the latest Fidelity product that demonstrates how far our company has advanced to
serve the war fighter. This trainer helps JTACs coordinate numerous fire assets,
such as air support, artillery and mortars, which brings more accountability,
efficiency and precision to an air assault. JTACs have one of the most difficult
roles on the battlefield because of the detailed coordination they must employ.

We had the opportunity to demonstrate the JTAC technology to military officers
attending the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference in
Orlando in December. Our new product received a warm reception as there was no
question that it would be beneficial technology for the Air Force.

We expect our JTAC training simulator and other technologies now under development
at Fidelity to define our company over the next few years, as the need for
additional JTACs has been identified as a high priority within the military.

But, as Fidelity Technologies has learned since 1988, there are never any guarantees
in our line of work. All we can anticipate are challenges that the military expects
us to overcome.

And, to continue to thrive in this industry, we will accept those challenges and
adapt to whatever comes our way.

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