Greatest World Cinema Festival on TV - Palador`s Finest to be showcased by Zee Studio

Released on: February 23, 2008, 2:29 am

Press Release Author: Palador Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Zee Studio to air some of the most award winning films of

Press Release Body: 23 Feb, 2008 - Mumbai: In a news bound to make lovers of quality
cinema rejoice, Zee Studio has partnered with Palador Pictures to showcase 26 of its
acclaimed films on their channel.
Beginning in April on Sundays, this exclusive property will showcase 26 films made
by master filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, Wong Kar-Wai, Francois
Truffaut, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Jim Jarmusch.
Gautam Shiknis, Founder & MD of Palador Pictures said, \"We had promised to take
World Cinema to the masses. We fulfilled the promise first with the box sets and
then with a DVD deal with Moser Baer. The final frontier was TV and that has been
conquered today with this deal. World Cinema will once again beam into the
discerning viewers\' home.\" Akira Kurosawa Box Set, Wong Kar Wai Box Set and a World
Cinema Assorted box set are already on sale on while individual DVDs
will soon be available pursuant to a deal with Moser Baer.
Neil Chakravarti, Business Head, Zee Studio said, \"We were the first channel to
consistently showcase World Cinema and our most recent endeavor, the Satyajit Ray
festival last December, was received very well by our viewers. The team at Zee
Studio has always worked hard to keep up with viewers\' tastes and to innovate and
stay true to our vision of sourcing and bringing the best movies to Indian viewers.
We are very happy to partner with Palador for this initiative to showcase great
films from their library. The previous festival with Palador's films generated lots
of buzz among film lovers and we are confident that they will truly enjoy this
collection of masterpieces as well.\"
Mohan Polamar, co-founder and Joint MD of Palador says, \"Palador\'s quest is to bring
the language of cinema into India. Our catalogue contains the works of cinema's
founding fathers and their prodigies. Our focus is to generate popularity to this
content and therefore our philosophy is to be agnostic to the medium and partner. We
have a large body of content and we will work untiringly to popularize the same,
Neil and his team at Zee have always been supportive of Palador's passion. Zee
-studios programming direction and Palador's journey make us ideal partners.
About Palador: Palador began 3 years back as a movement to kick-start the tradition
of great cinema in the Indian subcontinent. Today Palador has the largest collection
of Foreign Language Cinema under one roof in Asia. Palador owns the most award
winning films from the greatest directors the world has ever seen - from masters of
yesteryears to today's: Kurosawa, Kieslowski, Godard, Trauffaut, Kiarostami, Lynch
etc. - to cinema in all genre: action, comedy, drama, documentary, short films etc.
- to cinema from all movements: Italian Neo-Realism, French Impressionism, New-Wave
Iranian etc. But Palador is not just about the content. It's about programming them,
to suit different needs of: TV Channels, Film Festivals, Corporates, Colleges,
Clubs, Theatres etc. and of different media: DVD, TV, Internet, Theatre, Mobile etc.
Besides this, Palador was the first to focus on the short works of aspiring film
makers, helping to popularize the concept and adoption of short film in the Indian
media landscape. Palador is also the only in the world to program short films of
aspiring film makers in the DVD movies of great directors. In short it is helping
build a platform for freedom of expression for creators of good and great content in
this nation. People call Palador the place of the programming experts, we simply
call ourselves - Paladorians.

About ZEE Studio: Zee Studio, a 24-hour English movie channel, was launched in March
2000 and has been constantly driven by the passion to bring 'good cinema' to the
discerning Indian audience. The channel caters primarily to the SEC AB, 15-45 years
audience who love movies. Zee Studio's library is a potent mix of the best Hollywood
films to the best foreign films, as well as cinematic gems of India. Zee Studio's
Hollywood fare comprises of blockbuster titles like Batman Returns, Matrix Reloaded,
Ocean's Twelve, Troy and all-time-favorite movies like One Fine Day, Father of the
Bride, Sixth Sense, Hot Shots, Edward Scissorhands, Jumanji, 50 First Dates, Maid in
Manhattan to name just a few. Committed to showcasing the best cinema from across
the world, Zee Studio has brought critically acclaimed films like Finally Sunday,
Motorcycle Diaries, City of God and Schindler's list. Zee Studio also has been
saluting legendary Indian filmmakers like Satyajit Ray, Deepa Mehta & Ritwik Ghatak
through short festivals. Zee Studio is also the first English movie channel in India
to bring English movies with subtitles, a move that has proved to be highly popular
across all segments of viewers.

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