More firms join Additron Technologies, Inc. in the chase for CTL Technology (coal to liquid)


Released on: February 19, 2008, 11:31 am

Press Release Author: Additron Technologies Inc.

Industry: Energy

Press Release Summary: The expansion of export capacity at coal terminals and increasing demand for coal , independent power producers and industrial users, as well as the emergence of empowerment firms, are causing an explosion in the number of junior coal mining firms.

Press Release Body: BEIJING, China, EPR Network, February 20, 2008 -- The price of coal for loading rose to a record of about $95 a ton at the end of November.

This was due to a combination of European demand, demand from Asia due to bottlenecks in Australia and reduced Chinese exports.

More than 30 junior CTL firms are vying to meet the increased demand for coal, which is used in electricity generation and to fire the furnaces of steel makers, cement producers and other industrial users.

The explosion of CTL juniors is similar to the proliferation of juniors in the platinum mining sector, where more than 20 small companies are developing new projects.

China produced 247 million tons of coal in 2006. Of this amount, 112 million tons was used to generate electricity; 41 million tons to produce synthetic fuel; and 69 million tons for export or consumption by general industry.

Domestic prices of coal in China have also been rising due to greater demand from consumers.

The power and fuel shortages have presented opportunities for the establishment of power production, coal-to-liquids (CTL) and coal bed methane projects.

Thomas Castle Management, a venture capital firm and Additron Technologies, Inc. are both looking at building power and CTL plants in China to quench growing power and fuel demand.

Additron Technologies, Inc. is completing a study aimed to build a second local CTL plant.

Additron Technologies, Inc. is rumored to be in the final stages of negotiating a licensing agreement with Chinese authorities for the use of Additrons Nano Enhanced ICL process which will dramatically reduce both production costs and CO2 emissions at the new plants.

Iron ore, a key input in the production of steel, has risen in price for five consecutive years, including a 71.5 percent increase in April 2005.

The market for iron ore is now at the tightest it has ever been and contract prices are set for their sixth consecutive increase in April due to Chinese demand for steel and a slower-than-expected supply from Brazil and Australia.

Iron ore contract prices are negotiated every year in October by the world's top iron ore and steel producers.

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