2N OfficeRoute for UMTS Network as a Mobile Office and UMTS router with High Speed Data!


Released on: April 22, 2008, 4:41 am

Press Release Author: Dalila Thoribova

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Cable free telephone solution for the offices, including high speed internet for all employees.

Press Release Body: What is 2N OfficeRoute?

Wireless solution with all office functions including high speed data that uses all advantages of the third generation network (3G) - UMTS!



What office functions are available?

- Free calls between the users inside the company
- Calling from desk phones outside the office
- High speed internet
- Faxing

Advantages on top

- Receiving the office phone calls to a mobile if outside the office (Mobility Extension)
- Internet speed up to 7.2Mb per second
- IVR system
- Voice mail
- SMS sending and receiving

Who is 2N OfficeRoute designed for?

- Small and middle sized companies
- Companies that want to be fully flexible or change location frequently
- Companies that want to save on phone calls

Technical specifications

- HSPA data connection
- Analog faxing
- Small IP PBX features
- Internal voicemail
- Mobility extension for SIP extensions
- SMS sending via web or email
- Optionally: 1-3 GSM channels
- Remote monitoring

Web Site: http://www.2n.cz

Contact Details: 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s.
Modranska 621
Prague 4
14301, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 261 301 500
Fax: +420 261 301 599
Email: sales@2n.cz



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